2023 Acura NSX Type R Price & Specs

2023 Acura NSX will have more features with new technology in car’s industry. This is luxury car that belongs to mid-size category from Acura. As you know, Acura is brand and manufacturer that affiliates to Honda. You may see the same similarities between Acura and certain Honda products, but luxury touch makes a difference.

Design and Features of 2023 Acura NSX

The car has wheelbase 2.7 meters and length of 4.8 meters. Mid-size category is smaller than full-size, but it is bigger than compact size. This car uses standard sedan style with dynamic contour from front to rear side. Acura emblem stays at the front grille alongside LED headlight at the left and right edge of the car.

The interior of 2023 Acura NSX is what you need to see because Acura gives the top luxury panels and instruments. This car has touchscreen display on the front dashboard with some apps. Some indicators provide clear sign to support driver.

For seat, it is two-row model with high-grade leather to make it comfortable. The car also has seatbelt in each seats alongside airbags. To increase safety system, this car uses knee bag at driver section to protect lower part of body. Several entertainment systems are available such as USB, audio speaker, internet connection, mobile phone integration, etc.

Engine and Price of 2023 Acura NSX

Acura gives TLX two options for engine capacity of 2023 Acura NSX: 2.4 and 3.5 liter. For 2.4 liter, the engine is able to exhaust powertrain up to 206 horsepower. As luxury car, the capability is enough to give ultimate speed driving. One good thing about Acura is the top fuel efficiency.

2023 Acura NSX Type S Specs

Second engine is 3.5 liter with 9-speed automatic transmission. This is powerful engine with capability to boost 290 horsepower. This engine is bigger than previous one because Acura applies V8 technology to increase the sporty ability.

Beside engines, safety measure is important thing when buying new car. As luxury car, Acura puts advanced technology to make sure driver and passengers are in the safe condition, especially when accident or collision happens. Safety measures of this car are cruise control, tire pressure system, collision Mitigation braking system, and blind spot system.

Acura NSX is relatively new on market, so 2023 model is still a part of first generation. Manufacturer provides several variants with certain differences between one and others. For 2023 model, the production may start at early 2023 and customers can order it immediately.

2023 Acura NSX Horsepower

The base price for this car starts from $33,000. You may spend more than this base price to get advanced variants. The price for 3.5 liter is approximately $36,200. For more detail about price of 2023 Acura NSX, just visit authorized dealer near your location.

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