2022 KIA Sorento Price, Rumors, Release Date

2022 KIA Sorento is one of the most awaiting car, these days. Coming from the popular KIA brand, this car will be launched in 2022, just like its name. Its released date has not been confirmed, but you have to be prepared for it. Why?

2022 KIA Sorento you need to know

Maybe, it is so popular because of its greatness. Hey, out there, there are so many people that has become the fans of this car. Are one of them? If not, then try to read this article. You will become one of them, in no time.

One of the things that makes people really anticipate the arrivals of this car is its appearance. This KIA Sorento car really has a way on it. As it is known, this car is in the form of a contemporary car which looks unconventional. It is unique and distinct so you can stood out the most when you ride on it.

You know, the exterior design of this 2022 KIA Sorento car is actually simple, yet still has its own charm. It is supposed to look like a normal car, but it is not truly normal. With its black color, this car really offers that definition of strong car. Of course there are other color to choose, but this color truly define this car the best.

Not only that, the interior design of this KIA Sorento car looks really match with it. Coming with the color of dark, the seat looks really comfortable. It is made from the best fabric, so you can feel at ease when you are riding this car. There is a great space on the behind, too, to place all the things that you want to carry. A big family would go well with this kind of car, too.

Special specs of 2022 KIA Sorento

This KIA Sorento car also has a good engine. Truly, the engine of this car is something that you can’t question. It is wrong as this car is packed with an engine with high liter capacity. After that, the engine is mated with the automatic transmission in six-speed. It is no wonder that this KIA car can deliver high horsepower for your drive.

So, how about it? Do you want to own this car? Then, just be patient in two years. Don’t forget to prepare your money, first. With is good addition, this car will cost you about $40,000 – $50,000. Hopefully you can get this 2022 KIA Sorento.

2022 KIA Sorento Interior Colors

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