2022 Infiniti QX60 Hybrid Colors & Redesign

2022 Infiniti QX60 is a great SUV with luxury designs. When it talks about design, then it will be about the appearance of this car. In this case, the great appearance can be seen from the available colour, such as Imperial Black, Mocha Almond, and Dakar Bronze. For the interior, you can find the leather and wood accents in each part of the interior to give the luxury touch.

2022 Infiniti QX60 Review

Then, as a driver, you will need the special connection for you and your car. In this case, 2022 infiniti QX60 provides Infiniti Connection to make you connected personally with the car. There are applications and and remote services to give you direct link, so you make your QX60 in touch. Then, you will find confidence and convenience by having the connection.

In this case, the Infiniti Connection also provides you with the personal security that you need. Infiniti Connection can give you reminder and little assistance. You can also set calendar, schedule of meeting, even the next destination that you want to go, so this car can be your best assistance whenever you have things to do. Even if you are out, you still have the full control of your car by accessing the Infiniti Connection from your gadget, so you know all things about your car from distance.

For entertainment, this car can also provide you with the great entertainment. You can enjoy the great music with rich sounds produced by the great sound system. While you are enjoying your music, your kids can also have movies or games from the two rear 7-inches screens, all of your family members can get the comfort inside the car. There is also access for wireless headphones, so things can be more comfortable.

For navigation, this car has Infiniti Navigation System supported by the Infiniti Voice Recognition and NavTraffic. This feature will be so helpful to give good and clear navigation because it can produce the 3D image. Then, about the safety and comfort in driving, this car has Intelligent Cruise Control. This can help you when driving because the system can help you in controlling the speed and maintaining the distance with the vehicles around your car.

Based on those features, then there is no reason to ignore this great car. Many great things are provided to make sure that you get the luxury, comfort, and safety in driving. Surely, you will get the pleasure for choosing 2022 infiniti QX60.

2022 Infiniti QX60 Price and Redesign

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