2022 Infiniti Q80 Sedan Price & Release Date

2022 Infiniti Q80 is one of the new projects developed by the Nissan car industries. This new project is quite expected by many Nissan fans and many have expected that the new infinity Q80 will have new interesting design and also specification that will make the car even more powerful and reliable than the previous version of the car itself.

Some of the major parts that are planned to be enhanced further by Nissan to make the new Infiniti Q80 much more powerful and also reliable is the engine of the car with focus on the powertrain and its system, the exterior of the car that focused on the design and aesthetic design of the car and of course the interior of the car where it will be focused on the comfort and also aesthetic design of the car itself.

2022 Infiniti Q80 Engine Specs

Engine of the new Infiniti q7 2022 car is going to be divided into several engine choices. For the basic model of the car or the original model this car or the q7 will be applied with the V6 engine which is much more powerful than the standard car this day. However, if you go for higher trim level then this car will be equipped with the V8 engine powertrain and additional features that will make the car engine much more reliable and also powerful. In addition to these two engine choice there are also a rumor that there will be hybrid engine combination for even more power and reliability

2022 Infiniti Q80 Exterior and Interior Changes

Exterior of this 2022 Infiniti Q80 car can be considered as one of the most innovative and artistic one. The reason is because the body line is pretty visible and also interesting in some place. For examples for the front side of the car we can see two twin lines that make the car looks even more gorgeous and also beautiful to be look at. At glance the grille also offer a new interesting design with centered logo of Nissan in the front grille. For the headlight the lamp look as gorgeous as ever.

Interior of this car is even more stylish as it using a whole new material for the seating. The seating of the car is using leather material that will make the car feel more luxurious and also comfortable to be used. In addition there are also improvements especially in the car navigation system and also additional high tech features ranges from the USB, Bluetooth and other feature that can be synchronized with your smartphone.

2022 Infiniti Q80 Release date and Price

Release date for this car is expected to be around the end of 2016 while for the price itself it is expected to range from $50.000 for its basic sedan model and engine design, while the higher trim level have $53.000 price and finally $58.000 price for the latest 2022 Infiniti Q80 with hybrid design and engine modes.

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