2022 Ford Super Duty Gas Engine Rumors

Just by reading the name, we are expecting some highly functional car that we can control anything we want. The 2022 Ford Super Duty is expected to be released as the awakening of this lineup. Ford promised good machine, super performance and premium design as rumor Ford will not leave the fierceness of Super Duty in this version. The truck, which commercial market is limited, maybe a big challenge for Super Duty to hop on the trend. However, Ford must have prepared some big changes for Super Duty to exist and suit the 2022 year. What are those redesign and big change, check the review below.

2022 Ford Super Duty Exterior Design and Specs

The exterior of the future Ford Super Duty will be a combination of fierceness and luxuriousness. The latter point is necessary since luxury car has been auto fans favourite until now. However, Ford does not seem to get caught up in the trend too much (the choice for truck lineup itself is against the trend of compact performance car). The fierceness of the car will be reflected in its masculine headlamps design that are stacked and are obviously wide not the usual narrow ones found in regular car.

Another feature accompanied the outside look of the car is the LED sign lamp, and a beautifully chromes grille for the luxury compensation. It will include a front side window unlike its predecessor as well a blocky tail for map. The front and rear bumpers are also designed fiercely as to emphasize the aim of Super Duty, which is for a heavy use and rocky road.

2022 Ford Super Duty Interior Design

The car is a four doors truck that fit up to 5 passengers. The seats will be some premium upholstered leather as well as the dashboard and the steering wheel. The steering wheel is designed for heavy use that is differ from regular car. The leg room will be spacey and comfortable to use.

The best thing wr can find in this future Super Duty car is the presence of cameras. While nowadays car normally has front or rear camera, this car will feature 7 cameras with digital architecture. The cameras are among the safety system for the driver to see better viewing angle in a heavy road. The security system also features parking sensor for better direction while parking, seatbelts as well as air bags.

For other technologies, Super Duty is also equipped with a setup of trailer assist for better driving visibility. Along with its excellent security system is its entertainment gadget which is not left behind. It will feature 8 inch screen of hd resolution as well as other infotainment feature like speaker and connectivity like bluetooth and Wifi as well as USB port.

2022 Ford Super Duty Diesel Engine

The specification of the engine is expected to be powerful as Ford Super Duty itself id aimed for heavy duty use. The car is powered with V8 diesel machine with 6.7 liter capacity, which is bigger than regular to anticipate rough use of the car. The car can produce about 440 horsepower. The torque number is 860 feet, an almost twice number as the regular car. It will be coupled with six auto transmission and fuel efficiency technology as great use of car demands heavy use of fuel so a fuel efficiency technology is crucial.

2022 Ford Super Duty Price and Release Date

The price of Ford Super Duty 2022 version is approximately around $34,000 up to $45,000. The price itself is a favourable one and is affordable enough for those who want car with heavy performance. As for the release date, the car may be released by the end of 2017.

2022 Ford Super Duty Release Date

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