2022 BMW M2 Competition Release Date & Specs

If you are looking for a new fast drive this year, then 2022 BMW M2 will be something that you need to consider. Similar with many of its predecessor, you can simply say that this car is one of the best in the world of fast sedan, not the sport. That is because the overall look of this sedan is a little bit far from the word sport, but the performance of this car is something that you not need to ask anymore, even from its very first generation some years back.

For your information, the newest edition of this car gets some minor changes that you might like. The word minor is more appropriate than the word upgrade since there are not many changes that you can get from this new generation of M2. Even though, this car is still worth to consider when you are looking for a sedan with a high performance for your drive.

2022 BMW M2 Changes and Redesign

When you are looking at the exterior of this car, you might not find something different. In fact, some people might not recognize this new 2022 BMW M2 since the overall look of this car is considerably similar with the previous M2 that has been launched few years back. However, some minor changes on the front and rear lights are used to give the modern looking sedan that will suit the modern lifestyle best.

Therefore, you do not need to worry that the look of this new M2 will be totally similar and a little bit out of date for your new driving in this new era. The xenon lights on the front will be something to fit the kind of modern lifestyle that you want from this car. When you are going inside the car, you will find the similar things inside the car if you want to compare it with the older generation of M2.

That is because most of the instruments inside this car are similar with the older version of M2. However, you can still find some nice features from the dashboard of this 2022 BMW M2 such as the LCD navigation system, the nice audio speaker system, and also the internet connectivity system inside the car. With all of those nice features, you can simply make sure that you will not be bored driving this new M2.

For your information, besides those features for the exterior and interior parts, you can also get some other features that you will love such as the sensors for the parking and emergency brakes for the safety features and the nice sunroof plus the powered sunshade on the back and the additional climate system for the comfort features. Those features can be considered as the kind of feature that you will love form this new M2 for sale in the year of 2022.

2022 BMW M2 Engine Review

When you are asking for the engine detail of this new M2 generation, then you will be pleased to know that this car is still using the similar engine as the main power option to run this car. The turbocharged engine is still the main power installed on this 2022 BMW M2 that will give you one of the best top speeds among its competitors.

This 3.0-liter engine capacity of six cylinders is said to be able to give you the maximum power of 425 horsepower and that great number of power is able to give you the maximum speed of 163 mph. that max speed can also be considered as the nice speed of a sport car, since most of the sport cars have the minimum max speed of 180 mph.

As an addition to the nice top speed of this car, you should not ask for the acceleration and the handling of this car since both of them also come in a nice way. For the acceleration of this car, you can simply reach 60 within less than four seconds. If you are asking for its handling over the corner, then you will not need to worry since at the average of 60 mph, you can still get a nice and curvy handling with this new 2022 BMW M2 without having to worry about anything.

The main problem of this car is that you will not find any other engine options installed inside this car. For some people, that might be a problem since they want to get more options from this car. However, some others think that this one and only engine option is considerably nice for its performance for the acceleration, handling, and also the top speed.

Fortunately, this car comes in two different gearboxes that you can pick. The first one is the manual transmission that will give you the six speed transmission. Another one is the automatic transmission of seven speeds.

You just need to pick one that will suit your driving style best. For your additional information, the previous generations of M2 also have the special edition with the extra paddle shift on the steering wheel, but unfortunately there is no news at all about if the new generation of M2 will also be treated the same way for its additional paddle shift.

2022 BMW M2 Release Date and Price

If you think that you want to drive this new 2022 BMW M2, then you will need to wait until the beginning of 2022 since this car is said to be released around that time. Even though BMW has not officially announced the release date of this car, you can still expect that the beginning of 2022 is the date when this car will be launched; just like many of its predecessors that were launched during the first quarter of the year when this car is specialized.

For the price of this car, you should not expect the tag to be lowered than 70,000 US dollars. That is because since some years ago, the generations of the BMW M2 have been tagged for the considerably expensive price. You can simply say that this car is specially manufactured for those who have the money since this 2022 BMW M2 offers you the nice performance.

2022 BMW M2 Release Date

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