2022 BMW I3 Range and Release Date Rumors

It’s something that you can see through 2022 BMW I3. Forget about luxurious and elegant image that you always see. Through the car, you only see a cute and tiny city car. Is it worse? Is BMW serious about it? Of course, the company is serious since, the car may have lots of advance features than other cars. In this case, let’s find out more about it.

2022 BMW I3 design and performance review


Forget about powerful engine, in here we will see about futuristic car powered with efficient and eco-friendly engine. The company decides to give the car, 125 KW electric motor combined with 22 KWH ion battery.

If you think that it’s a big no then you’re wrong. The car takes a place as one of competitors for electric car in the future. With this engine, the car is able to get high efficiency rate combined with comfortable and noiseless performance that is desired by many people.


As we’ve said before, there is no elegant and luxurious nuance shown through 2022 BMW I3. The first thing that we see is, it’s tiny and cute. However, there are lot of things come around the exterior. It’s designed as a hatchback car that is really good with cool design.

There are three kinds of different trims that are available such as, tera world as the highest, giga world, and mega world. Each type of trim has its specification and differentiation especially for its exterior where there are several differences.


BMW also provides a comfortable cabin though it’s really small. The cabin is good for 5 passengers with spacious space. The other thing is, the company also sets a comfortable cabin with minimalist design where the car is covered with good quality material comes from black-colored leather.

If you’re satisfied yet with the features then you are wrong since, there are still many things prepped inside the car. The car also comes with some latest features that are prepped to ensure people’s coziness and safety such as, driving assistant, departure warning system, and etc.

Release date and price

The car is already set for this year where there are some information released that 2022 BMW I3 will be cost for around $48.000s based on some features that have been released.

2022 BMW I3 Electric City Car

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