2022 Audi A8 Release Date, Specs, Changes

2022 Audi A8 is one of the next generation car in the Audi A series. This car will features a major and minor improvements that will give this car better specifications. Due to this reason it has become quite anticipated by many people. For you who are curious to know more about this car specs here are some of the information we can gather.

2022 Audi A8 Exterior and Interior

The new details for the exterior design of this new A8 exterior is pretty good. There are many interesting new design that are applied into this car body design. For examples, the new hood design and shoulder design on the car which is punctuated with a unique LED lamps that will give this car better design in overall. Not to mention that the new styling is over the top which makes this car feel luxurious and extravagant.

When we enter the interior of this car we will be greeted with several interesting materials. Several materials such as leather, wood. Aluminum and plastic will give the best impression of this car which makes it very detailed and also unique at once. Not to mention that the space of this 2022 Audi A8 interior is quite large giving it pretty interesting and comfortable design.


Okay one thing that makes this car quite expensive is none other than the engine. The engine that are used to power up this car is supercharged engine. With the first engine will be a V6 engine while the second engine is using V8 engine. Both powered engine are getting 8 speed automatic transmission system which makes the car even more powerful and interesting to be controlled.

Price and Release Date

One of the most important part of any news for new car is of course price and release date. When this news was written, there are many information about this car price and release date. The release date is expected to be around the beginning of 2022. On the other hand the price for this car is expected around $80.000 according to the specifications it offer.

Safety and Features

Safety features for this car is enhanced to give the passenger and driver better and safe driving experience. The new airbags system that are applied in the cockpit is much more enhanced to be even sensitive and smarter for impact purpose. There are other improvements on the safety features for this 2022 Audi A8 but because it still under development the information is quite scarce.

2022 Audi A8 Facelift Release Date

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