2021 Toyota Hilux USA Specs & Price

2021 Toyota Hilux diesel is the most awaited pickup truck in this 2021. At least, that is the majority of Hilux fans’ hope. Toyota Hilux has been known as superb pickup truck since its first production in 1995. This Hilux practically is the leader of the midsize truck division.

Almost half pickup trucks sold in the USA are Hilux. This reputation comes from its great reliability and capability. It also has inherent tough character. The new version of Toyota Hilux is still superb and tough along with many improvements.

You will find the fuel efficiency improvement, overall refinement, reduced noise level in the cabin, and so on. In addition, all the goodness is draped with new attractive and bold styling. Furthermore, under the hood, there is rumor that there will be the diesel version in 2021 Toyota Hilux.

2021 Toyota Hilux Diesel: Is it true?

With the gasoline version, Hilux already has the great performance. It has the modern look as well. For all the years, the improvements are only in the exterior, interior, and all the ever expanding features that seems cool and redundant at the same time. What matters is the thing under the hood, the one with diesel engine.

Toyota has announced the option, but so far it still not yet confirm the release date of 2021 Toyota Hilux diesel. For the reason, we do not know yet about the engine specs. However, from the fans point of view, there will be possible option of using 4 Cylinder and 2.0 turbo diesel engines. The machine will give a good kick with the superb specs and good performance.

This machine is also efficient. Another option is V-6 with 2.5 liter in all-aluminum engine. It brings the extra power. Overall and completely redesign of Hilux’s exterior is done in 2005. For 2021 model, it will not going to be the case.

There will be several additional features, but the most notable is about its strength. It is not only for the engine, but also for the frame. This Hilux had witnessed so many off road situations and burdens. Moreover, this improvement will make a great value.

Specs and Price of 2021 Toyota Hilux Diesel

As for the changes in the part of headlight and grille, they are good for the look. You got also 5 trims levels, ranging from SR, TRD, and Limited edition. The interior of 2021 Toyota Hilux diesel is equipped with high-grade material, push button star, new seats, and moonroof. The information display is all-in-one information center which you can find the road info, outside temperature, off-read info, fuel economy, etc.

Furthermore, the entertainment systems are also upgraded with Entune and Qi wireless charging. As for the price, it seems impossible to get the right data as Toyota has not announced it yet. We might have to wait until the end of 2021 to have the valid information, for perhaps the vehicle will be released.

However, based from so many assumptions, the price will be around $18.000 – $29.500. For the right price, we should be a little patient for the official release date of 2021 Toyota Hilux Diesel.

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