2021 Toyota Fortuner Facelift Release Date & Price

Toyota decides to produce 2021 Toyota Fortuner as its new release. Known as famous SUV, there are many people that wait for the car. It’s an opportunity for Toyota to take a lead in the market by producing a new and dependable Fortune that is better than before.

There is only one way, car’s improvement. Toyota must be really wise in deciding about which part that need to be changed or even revised based on report. With the report, the company is able to find out about any changes that are important for them.

The car has already been released and seeing people’s reaction toward the car, we know that Fortune can be really successful in the market. People are really satisfied with Toyota’s work that is seen on the latest fortune.

There are some reasons about why Fortune is quite popular among any people. In this case, we like to see about any changes that are given to the car started from its engine, exterior, and last but not least, the cabin part.

2021 Toyota Fortuner Engine

We are going to talk about the car’s engine. There is only one engine that is available for three versions of Fortune, 2.8 Turbo Diesel Engine. Three versions of Fortune are also using this engine so, there is no difference occurred between them.

The only difference found is about the transmission system. For GX, there are two kind of choices available, manual and automatic transmission. For Crusade and GXL, both of them seem get i-MT or the intelligent manual transmission for the car.

The engine may provide powerful performance for the car. Besides, the engine will also provide clean and comfortable handling for the driver. It’s an important point that you can get it.

Next, we are talking about the 2021 Toyota Fortuner exterior. Toyota provides a modern bodyline design that is available on front part of car. The overall exterior looks really tough so, everyone may feel great while looking at it. There are also other surprises that are prepared for anyone.

The car is available in three colors such as, black, maroon and silver color. People are free to choose any colors that they think it’s suitable for them.

There are also some differences occurred between those three versions. Each version receives different part for the car’s exterior. Mostly, it’s all about the car’s headlamp and other parts that are important to know.

Besides, there are is also other difference that is seen on this car. The other part that is difference on each part is, the tire. Toyota puts the same tire size on GX and GXL, 17”.  While for Crusade is a bit different since, Crusade uses different tire size, 18”.

2021 Toyota Fortuner Interior

Inside the cabin, we will be welcomed with comfortable cabin that is looking really cool. The other thing that is seen here is about the features. Each version receives different features that are really cool.

Generally, each part also receives similar feature such as, parking sensor, vehicle stability control, and etc.

Release date and price

Good news is, the car has been released. Unfortunately, the price of 2021 Toyota Fortuner is only available on several regions and we need to wait for global price set later.

2021 Toyota Fortuner TRD Sportivo Facelift

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