2021 Honda Accord Sport Sedan Redesign & Rumors

The new 2021 Honda Accord is one of the latest and most anticipated city car in the year of 2021. This car offer many interesting features that will allow us to be able to live and drive easier. The new design looks interesting and also giving us a more stylish look. The new features on this car are also many giving it a better overall performance than the previous series.

  • What We Like

This car offer many interesting and simple improvements ranges from better interior design and exterior design which improves the overall design and appeal for the car.

  • What We Don’t Like

The new car engine is not really dominant or better in terms of power and can be considered on the same level as the previous car series which is quite a downer. The new design may look too compact for some people.

  • What’s New for 2021

Newly improved interior design is one of the main features of this car as well lighter body design with more aerodynamics design that will improve the car stability at its full potential.

  • Price Range

The price range for the new 2021 Honda Accord is quite varied. For examples, the most affordable price that this car will be offered due to is trim level and specs will be $27.000. While the most expensive will be priced for around $35.000.

2021 Honda Accord Sport Exterior and Interior

Exterior design for this new car are interesting as it now looks much more aerodynamics. Additionally with brand new material the body is now much lighter providing the car with better and overall stability. The new headlights now looking good with sharped design as well new front grille that looks simple but feel more aggressive in terms of design.

The new interior design has been changed to improve the overall comfort of the car. The new interior can handle for 5 passenger in total and that include driver. The new interior will also have interesting and also comfortable interior design material with high quality fabric. There are also improvements on the infotainment system as well.


The new engine for this car will be a 4 cylinder petrol engine. The new petrol engine will be 2.0 liter capacity and allow to produce 142 horsepower. The new engine itself will be improved even further with new system which will allow the car to be handled both automatic and also manual at once. In overall the engine is very good even though there are no real improvements.

Safety and Features

There are several interesting features that will be applied into this car but the most interesting one is the infotainment system. Not to mention that the new safety system will be improved to provide better protection not only to the front passenger but also back passenger. In overall the safety and design features of this new 2021 Honda Accord is better than the previous series.

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