2021 Buick Grand National GNX Price & Specs

2021 Buick Grand National is another project that is under development in this year. This car has been one of the highly anticipated car this year. There will be many interesting features and also new design which makes the car much more powerful and reliable. For you who are curious about this new car, here are some sneak peek for its features and performance.

2021 Buick Grand National Exterior and Interior

One thing that makes this new Buick Grand National quite different is the new body design. In overall it offer aerodynamic adjustment to give it stable design. There are also different kinds of color choice that can be selected as we want when we purchase the car which is a very positive point. The front grille itself offer vertical stripped grille with sharp headlights eye design.

Other than the body design, the inside of the car is also having some interesting features as well. It can be seen on the new material leather with premium quality which enhance the car comfort. The interior also quite spacious giving this new car a better nuance for its interior. Finally, the new cockpit system will allow the driver of this 2021 Buick Grand National to have better driving experience.


Engine is one of the most interesting part to be discussed in any car features and performance. The new engine for this Buick Grand National series will be having 280 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque which is quite magnificent. The engine itself is a 3.5 liter capacity engine with V6 engine. The engine is supported with automatic transmission system with 6 speed of level.

Price and Release Date

With all of the features that we previously introduced in this article we can say that the new car offer many interesting features and also performance. Due to these reason, it is normal to expect the car price and release date. For the price itself this car is anticipated to have price around $29000 to $34.000. While on the other hand the release date is expected to be on the end of 2021 the fastest it can released.

Safety and Features

Safety and features of this car is highly improved. It can be seen on the new system of safety on the interior which will allow for better protection on impact. Other than that, navigation system that equipped with sensitive sensor allow the new 2021 Buick Grand National to be driven in a safer and also better fashion.

2021 Buick Grand National for sale by private owner

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