2021 Buick Cascada Convertible Price, Specs, Rumors

2021 Buick Cascada will be one of the most hyped car which will be one of the car developed this year. Of course, as it is developed this year, the car is expected to be released on this year or next year. For you who are interested in know more about how the car will fare against other car on the same types. Then here are some of the information about it.

2021 Buick Cascada Exterior and Interior

Exterior design for the new Buick Cascada will have some significant improvement. The improvements that are quite visible for this car is none other than the car new sleek design. It is also very important to notice that the new car is heavily inspired from Opel Astra design with some slight difference. Other than that there are several distinct features such as new three shaped grille, front bumper with single air intale and eagle wing LED headlights.

With many interesting improvement on the exterior design, it is will natural to hope for the interior design as well. For the improvements, this new 2021 Buick Cascada will be having variety of improvement. The improvement itself will be ranges from 7 inches LCD touch screen with better infotainment system, new sound system with 7 speaker. And premium trim design that will add a more interesting design and style.


The new engine for the Buick Cascada is going to be 1, 6 liter engine of inline 4 cylinder engine. However, it is not an ordinary inline 4 engine but turbo charged engine which is far more powerful than your ordinary engine. The engine itself can deliver or generate power than 200 horsepower while having an output of 221 torque lb-ft. this engine is available with hydra-matic transmission system which also offer very efficient fuel consumption in overall.

Price and Release Date

With all of the features that are improved and also redesigned to further enhance the reliability, it is normal for us to want to know about the price. The price and release date itself is not clear. However, as we expected that this car will be released not far from this year or the year of 2021 next year. Other than that price will be expected to be around $35.000.

Safety and Features

Even with some of the interesting new features, the new safety features is not clear yet. There are no exact information about how they will improved the features and safety level of this car. Fortunately, we can expect the new 2021 Buick Cascada to improve it as the official itself has stated that there will be certain improvement on the safety design.

2021 Buick Cascada Rumors Concept

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