2021 BMW M8 Gran Coupe Price & Changes

BMW has announced 2021 BMW M8 as one of concept cars that will be released in the future. The company itself hasn’t give any exact release date.

However, there are already some pictures released that accompanied with any rumors about the car. The rumor said about several parts of car including the car’s engine, body, and cabin. Through the information, we have collected the latest and guaranteed information that will be able to make us closer with the car.

2021 BMW M8 Engine Specs

Before we start to talk about the engine, let’s talk about the possibility of car’s fuel. There are two kinds of possibilities, gasoline fuel and electronic motor. Both of them are still considered as opinion made by expert due to some factors that are found in the field.

If the company goes for electronic engine then, three cylinder engine 1.5 L with electronic motor will be chosen as the main engine. At the other side, rumor says that BMW is ready to empower the car with V8 twin turbocharge that is able to deliver 600 HP if, M8 goes with gasoline fuel.

2021 BMW M8 Exterior and Interior Changes

For the exterior of 2021 BMW M8, we will inform you based on some pictures. The first ever concept picture released shows us that M8 is still looked as convertible car that is designed with futuristic and dynamic car’s bodyline.

By the time goes by, there are some pictures released and show us the car might be a bit different from the first picture. The latest picture shows us that the car is a coupe car that is designed with aerodynamic bodyline. The visual is really fascinating and may support the car’s performance with its special bodyline design.

Seeing the cabin of M8, we are wowed by the pictures given. The cabin looks really stunning with brown color set as the main color seen through the car’s dashboard and seat. It’s caused by the usage of the car’s upholster and arrangement that comes from high quality leather.

It’s really elegant with some features that are set for the car’s entertainment and safety features. In this case, there will be lots of great things that will await us in the future for the car’s feature. However, we still don’t know about what kind of features that will be given.

2021 BMW M8 Release date and price

The release date is not announced yet but the price of 2021 BMW M8 is already announced where the car will be cost for $200.000 as its price prediction.

2021 BMW M8 Gran Coupe Rendered

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