2021 BMW I8 Roadster Price & Release Date

2021 BMW i8 is one of i series that is released after i5 series. As we know that the BMW i series is the model that has been upgraded for the new technology. It is about the power plug-in vehicle and sport safety standard for BMW car. Then, the upgrade is about the autonomous level. The autonomous level will be upgraded up to 3 levels. By using this autonomous 3 level, the driver can set the car with auto piloting driver.  Yet, the alert of the sensor is still used in this case. It is because the automaker set this car for safety sport car standard.

You may think that the I8 BMW is a comprehensive and ground-breaking for sustainable mobility concept. It makes i8 represents the visionary electric vehicles and mobility services for the buyers. The sustainability is one of the inspiring designs and a new understanding of premium design of the car. It is one of the electric innovation vehicle among us because it used a locally emission-free vehicle for city driving for us. It is like the new update of i8 Coupé that use same design of sports vehicles concept.

2021 BMW i8 Performance

The new update of this car is about the electricity performance. Same as i’s family for BMW which always has new update for the performance. The electric and electrifying detail has its own characteristic. It uses complement vibrant city life eDrive for BMW i3 as autonomous driving option.

2021 BMW i8 Consumer Discussions

Then, for the emission, this car is equipped by its fully emission-free electric motor as the powerful engine. The automaker specialize this car for driving city car model. It impress as with its breath-taking acceleration from low speed up to high-voltage battery. This battery is an ecological type with lithium-ion high-voltage battery in range of 200 km. It means that this car covers all destinations of the metropolis area trip.

Called as the most progressive sports car, BMW i8 has an intelligent lightweight construction with carbon and an aerodynamic design as an ecological perspective. The good thing of the i8 series is the material recyclable used as interior design. It is known as the electro mobility and innovative engine technology as city driving car. Then, it is available in i8 Roadster or Coupé by using the plug-in hybrid combination.

The i8 roadster is the enthusiastic and fascinating impression. It is the character of the i8. The innovative plug-in hybrid eases us to get the better speed performance as far as the road goes. It is one of the unconditional driving pleasures among the drivers. The iconic design of this model is the tachometer fast trip. The driving performance shows from 0 to 100 km/ h in just 4.6 seconds of i8 Roadster using the374 hp and 570 Nm engine.

The next BMW i8 Price Prediction

The first debut of i8 was in the year of 2014. The i8 was known as a revolutionary design in that time. The i8 was the first mid-engine car to offer a carbon fiber passenger cell. It also offer a hybrid powertrain at anywhere near its price point as the most innovation. The BMW i8 was just north of $100,000 in that time. Then, you may predict the price for the next 2021 BMW i8.

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