2021 BMW I3 Release Date, Price, Changes

2021 BMW I3 will release coming soon. The company finished the plan’s sheet of the the company’ product.  This concept will be shown at auto market. This plan is usually known as Vision Dynamics concept. The concept will offer the aesthetic and styling design to make BMW has a good rank among the rivals. It will be the awesome product of BMW.

The BMW gran coupe applies the futuristic lines and loads of geometric shapes pervade throughout as a Gran Coupe four-doors types. This Gran Coupe is for i4 series and i8 series. Then, what about the i3 series?  Is i3 series also concerted to be more aesthetic and styling? Well, i3 will updates some features of techo-tastic and forward-thinking concept. However, i3 does not have the same aggressive demeanor such as the i8. It will be designed due to the transportation cube than it is low-slung sports machine for i3 model.

2021 BMW i3 Innovation

What is the new about i3 next model is represent the new upgrade of features. Currently, i3 uses the engine and produces around 114-miles of range on a single charge as performance. Many rumors said that it will upgrade the forefront of battery technology. All of these features will release in 2021. The next i3 has innovation to redesign battery packs and electric motors and new vehicle architecture for upgrading.

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The debut of this car is the system of eDrive technology such as the electric motor, transmission, and power electronics within a new for all BMW i’s type. This power is  separated with electric drive component. The characteristic of this i3 is performance characteristics of the packaging space and flexibility. The new i3 will be powered by 200 kW/270 hp electric motor and a WLTP range of more than 400 kilometers of 249 miles driving. This performance is competitive along its range.

The Powertrain of i3

Here we are going to discuss about the i3 powertrain equipment. Firstly, the emission power will use CO2 emissions of 14–0 g/km and it is combined with full consumption 0.6-0 l/100 km and power consumption up to 12.5-11.5 kWh/100 km. The good reasons for choosing this BMW i3 is, this type dashes from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds Up to 300 km fully electric driving joy (NEDC) as sporty performance.

Second reason is, it only needs 42 minutes to charge on  80% charge of the quick charging stations and it always stand by to connect in the car. Not only that, the material used is 95% sustainable and recyclable materials.

Then, the new upgrading battery of this feature will be claimed 120Ah upgrade the battery pack is expected to grow to around the 40kWh performance. It is little bit upgrade from the last battery power. The last battery is using 60 Ah cells to 94 Ah cells and the battery pack size grew from 22kWh to 33kWh in the year of 2016. So, in the next generation it will be upgraded by the new 2021 BMW i3.

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