2021 BMW 2 series Gran Coupe Release Date & Specs

BMW has been known as one of the most popular car developer out there. Not only because they made a lot of car but it is because the design and also system they made are top notch. This combined with all of the advancement of technology, introduce us to the latest 2021 BMW 2 series. This car will have interesting upgrade that will make the design in overall much better.

2021 BMW 2 series Exterior and Interior

According to the information that we can get, the new exterior will have significant improvements. It can be seen on the changes or improvements on the car. The new exterior design looks gorgeous with the new body line and also wheel design. The new front headlights are now designed to look much sharper. And finally the front grille offer stylish design which has become the staple of any BMW car.

With all of the improvements, BMW will also improve the new interior for the 2021 BMW 2 series significantly. For starter it will now look much larger than the previous car version and much more comfortable as well. The new interior will also introduce better navigation system to fully enhance the driving experience.

New BMW 2 Series Engine

For the engine, BMW will be applying a brand new engine that is an improvement of the current base engine. According to the info the new engine is going to be 2. 0 liter capacity inline 4 turbo engine with around 248 horsepower and being supported with eight speed automatic system. Additionally, the engine is also have alternative engine which is a turbo V6 engine with 3.0 liter engine that offer 335 horsepower and available with automatic and manual transmission.

Price and Release Date

With all of the specification told to us. It is considered as one of the most interesting car that made by BMW. The exact date for this car release date is unfortunately unknown. However it is released on the year of 2021. The price on the other hand, is expected to be around $36.000 price tag with all of the features introduced in this car.

Safety and Features

Safety features, often being neglected by many car developer. However, the same cannot be said for the new 2021 BMW 2 series. This new car will introduce a more prominent and state of the art safety features on the interior of the car. For the exterior new sensor design will be much sensitive and can prevent unnecessary accident that usually happen.

2021 BMW 2 series 2 Door Coupe Release Date

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