2020 Toyota Fortuner Facelift Release Date & Specs

The new 2020 Toyota Fortuner will be the new premium SUV from Toyota in 2020. Toyota tries to show its identity in the SUV marketplace by releasing the Fortuner 2020. The Toyota Fortuner is a premium SUV with the premium technology and feature. You will get a premium high-class driving experience.

The Toyota Fortuner 2020 will bring some improvements. The exterior and body design will be nicer than the predecessor. It will look more elegant and luxurious than the current model. The upcoming Fortuner still have the same body dimension as the previous version. The Toyota Fortuner has a very good reputation.

2020 Toyota Fortuner Review and Specs

The new Fortuner will be a great rival for the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. The new Toyota Fortuner will bring some new improvements for the interior too. Toyota will also upgrade the engine for better fuel consumption, acceleration, and power. It will be a great premium SUV.

Many people are waiting for the launch and any information for this SUV. It’s very interesting to see what will Toyota bring to this new premium SUV. We will discuss more this new Fortuner in this article.

The Exterior Design

The new Toyota Fortuner 2020 will have the same body dimension as the current model. But, it will have more streamlined design than the predecessor. In some spy-shots, the exterior design of the new Fortuner 2020 looks nicer than the current model.

2020 Toyota Fortuner Facelift Unveiled

Let’s discuss the front end first. At the front, you will the new headlights design. It will use the LED lights to give a good illumination. The grille also comes in new style. It makes the new Toyota Fortuner looks more contemporary and fashionable than the previous model.

The new headlights and grille will be accompanied with the new air intake design. It will give a new fresh, stylish look at the front. It also gives a better air circulation to the engine for a better engine performance. The new 2020 Toyota Fortuner looks strong and elegant at the front.

How about the back end? Will it get any changes?  Toyota also makes some improvements in the back end design. It comes with the new taillights, using the LED light. It makes the new Fortuner 2020 looks very nice at the back. The new exhaust design also can be found at the back.

The body dimension is still the same as the current model. But it uses lighter and stronger materials to reduce the overall body weight. It will give the new Fortuner a better acceleration and fuel consumption. The new body design also gives a new style for the 2020 Fortuner.

2020 Toyota Fortuner Interior Design and Engine

How about the interior design? Many rumors said that this new Fortuner would have a totally new design for the interior. The cabin size will remain the same as the predecessor. But, the dashboard will come with the new design. You will find some new digital panel and LCD touchscreen on the dashboard.

The dashboard will look amazing and functional. The seats will come in modern and stylish design. It will use the premium leather to give you a comfort during the driving. The cabin will be large and comfort for your leg and head. There will be many new modern technologies and features in the cabin of Fortuner 2020.

There will be few variants for the engine. The basic model of Fortuner 2020 will have a 2.7-liter and 3.0-liter for the plus model in 4-cylinder configuration. It will use the automatic transmission system. There is no any official information from Toyota for the engine specification.

The Prices

It will be interesting to talk about the price of the upcoming Fortuner. We can predict that it will be a little bit more expensive than the current model. We need to wait for the official price information from Toyota. Maybe you can start to prepare your budget to get the 2020 Toyota Fortuner.

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