2020 Nissan Z Nismo Price & Specs

2020 Nissan Z has been hailed as one of the most anticipated car from Nissan in this years. Of course the anticipated car is because it is quite popular among people this day. In order, to satisfy all of your needs for the information regarding this car new specification, we will share some of it for you. The information regarding the new spec and prediction will be divided into four major parts as follows.

2020 Nissan Z Turbo Changes and Features Explained

Nissan Z new engine is rumored to be much better from the previous installation of this model. This is of course something to be anticipated with as many new car will usually upgrade their car engine from time to time. According to the information that we can gather it will be a V6 engine.

Unfortunately, the engine specific details is not known yet. Due to this reason there are many speculations regarding the engine true specification. Some people say that it will be 3.8 liter and it will be equipped with seven speed of automatic transmission. For the alternative, there is also rumor that the manual option is available with six speed transmission system.

The new exterior for the 2020 Nissan Z is quite awesome. The new body design will sport a brand new design with aerodynamics feature that is much more effective especially on high speed road. Additionally there will also some improvements on the parts of the body design making it much more interesting.

2020 Nissan Z Fuel Economy Ratings

The most interesting things about the new improvements of the car body design ranges from new sports brake, shock absorber system and also beautiful rear spoilers as well improved LED lighting design. This car will also introduce a brand new look with its smooth and attractiveness.

Some interesting upgrades will take place on the car interior. The list goes on from new audio sound system, new touch screen interface and also improved safety equipment with satellite radio to give better comfort and safety measure. Additionally, there are several improvements on the car seating which offer more comfortable seat and also larger compartment for the driver.

2020 Nissan Z Nismo Release date and Price

The new release date for this car is not known yet as this car is still under development. However, according to the information that we can gather, this car is expected to be released on the later 2017 which means it will be faster than most of the 2020 car model. For the price itself it is predicted that 2020 Nissan Z will be priced for around $40.000.

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