2020 Infiniti Q70 Release Date, Price, Redesign

The new 2020 Infiniti Q70 will hit the market in 2020 as the successor of the current Q70 model. The Q70 model is well known as a modern sedan with stylish appearance and powerful engine. Because the current model is quite good regarding style and performance, Infiniti will not make many changes to the upcoming model. They will keep the body shape and dimension to be the same as the predecessor.

Of course, the engine will be more powerful and more efficient than the predecessor. Some of the body parts also get some changes to create a more stylish look. The interior feature will be added by some new modern technologies. The overall changes and addition will make the new Infiniti Q70 as a modern and futuristic sedan.

2020 Infiniti Q70 Exterior and Interior Design

As stated above, the body dimension and the shape are still the same as the current model. The changes for the next Q70 model will focus on the lighting for both the front and the back of the car.  At the front, the new headlights use the LED lights that can provide a better illumination than the current model. It also gives a stylish and elegance appearance at the front. The front grille also gets redesigned to adjust the new headlights.

At the back, the taillights of new Q70 also use the LED lights. It will create a stylish look at the back. The muffler tube of this next modern sedan also gets a new futuristic design. The 2020 Infiniti Q70 wheels still use the same size as the current model. Some minor changes for the body will be enough to keep the public perception about this car as a modern and stylish sedan.

About the interior design of this new Q70 model, there are some new technologies and features. The cabin size will remain the as the previous model. As we know, the cabin of the previous Infiniti Q70 is cozy and comfortable. It provides a great experience of driving in a modern sedan. There is enough space for the passenger’s leg and head inside this car.

The dashboard of Q70 will be added by a new touchscreen display. The dashboard also comes in a new modern style that uses some chromes and leathers for the finishing. The seats of this sedan also use the finest leather as the cover. The safety features of the Q70 will be new and safe.

2020 Infiniti Q70 Powertrain and Price Estimated

There are two choices for the engine. First is a 3.7-liter VQ V6 engine that produces 420 horsepower and 417 pounds of torque. The other engine will be a hybrid engine producing 302 horsepower and 258 pounds of torque. The transmission will use the seven-speed automatic transmission combined with the AWD system.

2020 Infiniti Q70 Review & Road Test

The price of this new Q70 model is around $50,000 for the basic model. The highest model may be priced around $68,000. The release date is still unfixed, but some rumors said that this new sedan would be released in the first quarter of 2020. The next 2020 Infiniti Q70 will be ready to beat its rival in the market.

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