2020 Honda HRV Hybrid Rumors & Release Date

The 2020 Honda HRV will continue the success of its predecessor as one of the best SUV in the market. Many people praise the stylish design and the engine performance of Honda HRV for many years. The design of this SUV shows the modern and sporty characteristics of a future car featuring the powerful engine.  For the next model, Honda HRV brings some changes to make it more superior than the predecessor.

As we know, there are many choices of the car in the SUV market in the US. If you want to have one of the best SUV, this new SUV from Honda should be your consideration. Many people have proven its performance for many years. No one will doubt for its style for both the exterior and the interior. We will provide some important information for you about the upcoming Honda HRV.

2020 Honda HRV Exterior and Interior Design

The exterior will have a major change for the next model because it will use a new platform. Some of the industry rumors said that this new platform is a ‘revolutionary’ movement for this SUV. It will benefit the engine to give the better performance and fuel efficiency than the previous HRV model. The overall body weight for this upcoming model will be lighter than the predecessor.

The third row of this SUV is complained by people because it lacks space. Hopefully, Honda will solve this problem in the upcoming release. Some exterior changes also can be found such as the new front grille at the front of 2020 Honda HRV. It also comes with the new LED headlights design. The wheels still use the 20-inch alloy wheel that provides a good balance and comfort during the driving.

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For the interior design, the next Honda HRV will come with a larger cabin to provide more space, especially for the third row. It’s crucial to make sure all of the passengers get the best comfort inside this SUV. The dashboard comes in a practical design using the modern features and technologies. It also covered with the high-quality materials.

The touchscreen display on the dashboard of Honda HRV will assist you in the navigation. You can also use it to provide some entertainment for the passengers. The safety features in this new model will be better than the previous Honda HRV safety features. Some other modern features also can be found such as Bluetooth, USB ports, and HD radio.

2020 Honda HRV Powertrain and Price Estimated

As stated above, the engine of the next Honda HRV will be more powerful than the current model. It uses a 3.5-liter V6 engine producing 290 horsepower and 267 pounds of torque. The transmission system may use a six-speed automatic or CVT transmission system. The front wheel drive system will deliver the power from the engine. The fuel efficiency is 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway.

The price for the upcoming model of Honda HRV is around $30,000 to $47,000, depends on the trim level. Some rumors said that the new Honda HRV would hit the market at the end of 2016. But, we think that we should wait for this model until 2020. The 2020 Honda HRV will be a new SUV with stylish appearance and good engine performance.

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