2020 Honda Fit Turbo Hybrid Rumors and News

Who does not know about Honda? As one of the most famous car and vehicle developer they will announce their latest car project which is the 2020 Honda Fit. This car will have many interesting improvements that will make the car much more appealing and also better in terms of performance. Due to this reason, many people are curious about the car specifications.

For you who are curious about the car specifications. It is known that this car will be having some improvements on the exterior, interior and also the engine. With this in mind, we can safely presume that this car is going to be one of the most hyped car project that are developed by Honda this day. In this article we will give you some important information about the car in general.

2020 Honda Fit Exterior, Interior and Engine

So, what can we say about the car information for the exterior body? There are several things to note from. First of all the new Honda Fit will be having a more better body design which offer overhauled plastic guard for its spoiler. Not to mention that the body design is now lighter for better performance as well. Finally, the car will have the same size as the previous model but have distinct outline on it.

Changes on the interior that we can expect for this new Honda fit? Well, there are some but the most important one of the extra space it offer. Yes, this new car interior will be much larger than the previous car with some extra space in the inside. Additionally the interior will have a couple of improvements especially on the comfort part and also the gadgetry on the cockpit.

2020 Honda Fit Turbo First Look

So, what about the specs of this new Honda Fit? The car will features upgraded motor the first one being 4 barrel motor engine with 1.5 liter capacity which can pull 130 horsepower. The second upgrades is that it will offer CVT frame work for its transmission system. On the other hand the gear system that this engine motor will offer is going to be six speed

2020 Honda Fit Price, Release date and Safety Features

With all of the information about the car specifications in our hand, we are going to give you some information regarding the price and release date. The price is not fixed because it is still under development. However, it is expected to be released with price tag of $25.000. For the release date, the information is also not really fixed but we can expect that it will hit the market in the midst of 2017.

Improvements that are considered pretty important for the car is the improvements on the car safety features. According to the information that we can gather. This car will have improved collision detection mechanism and also parking lane sensor. Additionally, in the inside we can expect better safety and security system in this new 2020 Honda Fit.

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