2020 Ford Thunderbird Convertible Price & Specs

Yes, everyone know about the famous Ford Thunderbird, and for you who are interested in this car can be happy because 2020 Ford Thunderbird GT500 is in production. Yes, one of the best car that are ever created by Ford Industry has been revamped once more on this next generation car. This can only means that there will be several interesting improvement for this car.

The improvements that will take place on this new car will include several major parts. One of the major parts on the exterior design which is now revamped to look more modern and also effective. Of course it will not changes the originality of the Thunderbird series. Other than that we can expect a series of changes from the new engine and also interior as well.

2020 Ford Thunderbird GT500 Redesign and Engine

Just as previously, stated, the new exterior will have several major changes which makes the car more interesting to look at. First of all, it will look much more masculine and also stylish with the new body design. The new body now introduce a better body line and also aerodynamics design which makes the car much more appealing. The new changes will also include new grille design and rear side improvements as well.

For the interior, this car will be having some of the most interesting and comfortable interior design. It can be seen on the car comfortable material that are used for upholstering and seating. Yes, expect high quality leather material combined with quality cloth material for the interior. Overall, the interior will also introduce larger room which makes it more comfortable.

2020 Ford Thunderbird Convertible Concept Spied

For the engine this car will introduce a more powerful engine which deem worthy to continuing the Thunderbird legacy. The new engine will be twin turbo engine system which is far more superior to most car. Not to mention that the engine that are used is V8 engine for this car. This engine have 5.2 liter engine capacity and can generate for more than 650 horsepower especially with 10 speed automatic transmission system this car has to offer.

2020 Ford Thunderbird GT500 Price and Release date

With all of the improvements that are designed for this new Thunderbird, it is a good idea to know about the car price and release date. According to the information that we can gather, this car will be released on 2020. Even though the date is not released yet. For the price of this new car, we can expect the car to be priced at $65.000

So, with all of the great features implemented into this car, of course, we can expect many great things for the car safety features right? Well, for the safety features that will be implemented into this car we can expect several standard but important features. The safety features will be focused on the interior of this new 2020 Ford Thunderbird GT500 in the forms of better sensory system and security.

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