2020 Ford Focus Specs, Price and Release Date

2020 Ford Focus RS is included as future release for Ford. Known as one of popular Ford’s Hatch, the car will go with any surprises. It’s said that the car may be one of favorite hatch cars that will be released in future.

Focus RS is set to be more powerful and beautiful as visually. Based on this statement, we see that there are two major parts prepared. First, the engine will be looked more powerful that will go for new engine. Second, the car will go with more newer look that more modern.

2020 Ford Focus RS Review

There are some rumors released about the car’s engine. First, the car may go for new engine that is looked really good. It’s said that the car may go with more efficient performance so, it will be a good thing for the car.

The other major part is about the car’s exterior. The hatch will be looked more modern with some changes set on the car’s exterior. In this case, there will be many things given for the car so, it will be looked really cool.

The last part of car, the car’s cabin will also go for other new things. Though not all of information are released but, people may still know about any changes that are given for the car. therefore, it’s started to be a big thing for the car.

2020 Ford Focus RS and ST Models

2020 Ford Focus RS Engine Specs

First of all, let’s talk about its drivetrain first. There is only one rumor that comes for the car’s engine. Based on the information the car may go with 4 cylinder 2.3 L as the car’s engine. The engine is able to generate 324 torque and 354 HP.

The engine will be powered with 6 speed manual transmission. However, it’s still set as a rumor so, there is possibility if the car may go for different transmission later. It will be a huge thing if the car may go for different thing there.

The car’s fuel usage report is quite interesting. It’s said that the car may go for the same fuel usage there so, it will be a good thing for the car. However, it’s still set as a report so, there will be another change given for the car later.

Based on the report, the car also comes with good report. The car is able to hit 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. The topspeed comes at 165 MPH. In this case, it’s a good thing for anyone that is looking for awesome hatch in future.

Now, we are moving to the exterior of 2020 Ford Focus RS. Based on some pictures claimed as the car’s picture, the car looks satisfying. It’s seen through the car’s bodyline that looks really cool. It’s designed as more modern car that comes with different nuance.

At the grille, the car is set for having trapezoid grille that looks really cool. As the addition, the car comes with fog lamp and cool-designed front lamp that looks awesome. The car will come with bixenon lamp that provides bright light and cool design.

The bodyline is set with good aerodynamic system. It will give a huge impact for the car’s performance. It will be really good for the car’s performance especially, its downforce. Therefore, the car’s topspeed may be increased and everyone will feel really good while trying the car.

A beautiful set of twin exhaust set on back. Therefore, it will be a good addition added for the car and it may be great thing that may enhance your car for later. As the conclusion, the car’s exterior looks really awesome and everyone will love it.

The last part that will be discussed is about the car’s interior. What kind of interior that is created inside? Some of you may be curious for it. Therefore, we are going to discuss it so, we’re able to find any changes prepared inside.

Inside, Ford prepares a nice cockpit that looks really cool. All things are placed nicely and neatly. First of all, let’s talk about its visual first. The car will go with nice and neat look so, it will be a good thing for the driver.

Besides, the other thing that is set is about the car’s visual that goes for sporty look. All things are wrapped in black color with nice and sporty nuance comes from the leather. Leather is chosen as main material used for the car.

The other thing that shouldn’t be missed is about the car’s feature. What kind of feature that is set inside? Ford may still prepare for it so, there are only few things that are seen here. However, some features are already mentioned such as, SYNC connectivity, 8 inch touch screen and other features.

2020 Ford Focus RS Release date and price

We see that most of you really anticipate the car. Besides, there are also other people that look for other choice of hatch. If you’re interested with it, you need to wait because, the car rumored to be released at early of 2020.

Besides, the price of 2020 Ford Focus RS will be set around $45.000 as the basic price which is quite affordable.

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