2020 Dodge Magnum SRT8 Wagon Price & Release Date

For you who are looking for a good and also reliable car to have in your garage, then the new 2020 Dodge Magnum may be a good choice for you. The reason why we recommend this car is because this car offer many interesting new specifications and also features. The specs are definitely improved from its original design. Not to mention with the introduction of the other features on the interior as well.

2020 Dodge Magnum Exterior and interior redesign

First of all the new Dodge Magnum will be available with a sporty new look and also stylish aerodynamics design. Second, there will be an improvement on the car exterior range from a new front grille that adapted to look like any other dodge car. There are also new taillights and headlights design which restyled to looks much more appealing.

2020 dodge magnum interior will be focusing on making the car much more comfortable. This can be noted in the usage of red and black leather material with premium soft material leather. This material will make the car cabin interior looks much more luxurious and also stylish. Additionally, there is also some high tech gadget from the navigation system, USB connectivity, and other features included on the interior.

2020 Dodge Magnum For Sale

2020 Dodge Magnum Engine, Safety features, price and release date

The engine that is installed into this car is supposed to be an enhanced V6 engine that will be having 2, 7-liter capacity. This engine will be able to generate more than 200 horsepower when the car hit 5500 rpm. This car engine will be providing much better performance than the previous design of the Dodge Magnum. In addition to that, the engine will be installed with both automatic and manual transmission systems.

For the safety system, it looks like that the new Magnum will be having a better safety system. This can be seen on the new sensor system and camera to give an easier time on navigating the car. As we already know navigating the car can be quite troublesome in some tights space. Other than the assist system in the form of sensor and camera, this car is also giving airbags mechanism to protect the passenger and driver from impact.

The release date and also price information is two of the most important part of this car. For the release date, this car is released on the year of 2020 more specifically on the end of the year. While for the price, this car is priced for the $300.000 price tag of which is based on the overall specifications of this car. Finally, with all of these features, it is easily concluded that the new 2020 dodge magnum is definitely worth your money.

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