2020 Dodge Cuda Concept, Price, Review, Specs

2020 Dodge Cuda will offer many interesting new specifications that will give this car far better specifications than the other car. The new car will introduce a brand new body design in the forms of exterior and interior design. Additionally, new specifications will also being included in the form of engine and also safety system or features. For people who curious enough to know about this car, here are some of the information.

2020 Dodge Cuda Exterior and interior redesign

2020 dodge Cuda exterior design are quite unique with several changes and styling on some of the car body. The car will arguably have lighter weight due to the new material used to make the body design. It will include aluminum and carbon fiber that will make the car stronger but lighter. The car will also have lower body height and much more aggressive design to give new appeal.

The new interior will include several high tech features from entertainment to navigation system. Entertainment system include audio system which is upgraded and also USB and blue tooth connectivity for your smartphone connection. Additionally, there are also climate control system with the addition of infotainment system that give the car interior a much more entertaining and comfortable experience.

2020 dodge cuda srt price

2020 Dodge Cuda Engine, Safety features, price and release date

Because this car will have different trim level of model there will be several different engine as well. For the first engine this car will be using 4 cylinder tigershark engine with 2, 4 liter capacity. The second engine on the other hand will be using pentastar engine with 3, 6 liter capacity and finally, the last engine is going to have supercharged engine with 6, 2 liter capacity. All of the engine will be using automatic transmission system FWD drive system and have 8 level of gear speed.

After discussing about the specifications or the engine of the car, we now need to discuss about the car safety system. Safety system inside this car will include the collision detection system as well as parking assist. To make things even better, this car will also get some of the best safety bags system to give the car an even better safety. In other words, it will assure the safety of both passenger and driver alike.

As for the last information we can give regarding this car is going to be about the car price and release date. The price for this car will be based on the basic trim level of the car which is going to hit around the price of $25.000 to $55.000. The other trim level will have different and more expensive price. While the price are designated to have different price, the release date for 2020 dodge Cuda are going to be in the mid of 2017.

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