2020 Chevy Malibu SS Hybrid Refresh & Release Date

2020 Chevy Malibu is one of the many focused project in this upcoming year for Chevrolet. This improvements will be spread into several parts, such as the new interior design that are enhanced to be look comfortable. New exterior design to give this car a more stylish design and effective design. And of course better and powerful engine to make the car much more reliable and also powerful.

2020 Chevy Malibu Exterior and Interior Option

The new exterior for Chevrolet Malibu will come with different feats which depends on the trim level. For some trim level the car will have new 16 inches wheels with steel material. There are also new design on the car grille design which is supporting the engine for better cooling. Finally, the exterior now is even more look aerodynamics in terms of design and improve the car effectiveness.

For the interior design on the other hand, this car will be applied with new navigation system. There are also several variety of new interior features that installed within the car. Some of the features ranges from anti-lock brakes, new touch screen display with OnStar Features. Other than that there are also improved seating mechanism on the interior to give more comfort for the driver and passenger.

2020 Chevy Malibu LT Price Prediction

For the engine this car will introduces a brand new engine which is quite powerful and reliable. The new engine is going to be 2.0 liter capacity with 4 cylinder engine. This engine are capable to producing power output for 260 horsepower on its maximum power which is quite good. Not to mention that the engine will also being supported with both automatic and manual transmission system as we prefer.

New Chevy Malibu Price, Release Date and Other Features

With all of the improvements and also new features that will be applied into this car. It is a common things for us want to know about when the car is going to be released. With this in mind, we can only expect that the car will be released in the year of 2017 because the information is still scarce. The same can also be said for the price which is not fixed yet, however it is expected to be at $25.000 price.

Interestingly speaking the new car will be supported with some of the latest and better safety precaution. It can be seen on the new safety system inside the car in the form of new and better reaction air bag system to fully improve the car safety. For the outer part, we are being introduced with better parking sensor system to detect collision on this new 2020 Chevy Malibu.

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