2020 Chevy Impala SS Redesign & Concept

One of our favorite car is back! 2020 Chevy Impala SS is confirmed as next release. The car is awaited by many people in this world due to its popularity. Besides, can Impala SS maintain its popularity in the middle of hard competition between other competitors?

It’s a question thrown by people due to hard competition. Nowadays, auto company grows stricter by producing more advance car than before. In order to answer it, Chevy has something through 2020 Impala SS.

2020 Chevy Impala SS Z71 Review

Chevy plans several things to be implemented to the car. in this case, there three major parts that we will discuss. First, it’s about the exterior of car. For this part, Chevy may put new design to put on its aerodynamic that more focuses on the car’s performance.

For its cabin, we may see something different through its technology. Chevy looks more different way to improve the carb. We guess that car’s feature is the other field that Chevy should work for. Giving an advance one may be a good improvement.

Something that we can expect more is from the car’s engine. Chevy may project further engine that is more powerful. There are several information that are mentioned. Through the information, we are able to know about which one that will be put.

2020 Chevy Impala has improved the design

Let’s predict about what kind of engine for the car. Based on some information, V8 is the strongest candidate. The powerful HP production combined with nice and smooth operation is the reason why Chevy chooses this one.

However, there is possibility if Chevy will also use V6. This is still debated through many people. Some people may hope for V8 but, others think that V6 is still suitable. Only Chevy that knows this one since, they work at it.

The other strong rumor comes for hybrid car. It has turned into a trend that is favored by anyone. A hybrid car means that eco-friendly car will appear later. For this one, there is still no information that we can get due to lack of information.

By using V8 engine, Impala SS may get powerful performance especially for its acceleration. The car comes with great acceleration that is really good. Everyone may feel the power just by taking the steer and feel it.

2020 Chevy Impala SS Stingray Redesign

Up next is about the exterior of 2020 Chevy Impala SS. We are curious about how Chevy pack all the things on the car’s exterior. As we’ve said before, the exterior looks really cool that may change all the things that you’ve imagined.

The car takes more aerodynamic design seen on its bodyline. It’s really cool that may improve the car’s performance. Its aerodynamic body becomes something important that can also impact its visual in the future.

From the front part, it comes with nicely designed grille with small and sharp shape. Besides, the lamp also looks really awesome that may make everyone feels great while seeing at it. therefore, its cosmetic is already completed with it.

The car is designed as two seats cabin that is a bit narrower. Even it’s narrow, Chevy may put other part as its advantage. The other part that is improved is about its features. It will be a big miss if Chevy doesn’t take care about it.

Some information still don’t give more about it. However, we are sure that Chevy may give more later for it. There are two kinds of parts that should be improved, safety and entertainment parts. Both are considered as major things.

Based on our prediction, Chevy may be more focus on the car’s safety because, they think it as an important part. There will be any advance elements put inside especially, on the car’s cabin that should be improved.

2020 Chevy Impala SS Release date and price

The car’s cost is predicted around $150.000. Besides, the release date of 2020 Chevy Impala SS is still unknown so, we need to wait for it.

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