2020 Chevy el Camino SS Specs, Interior, Price

If you are looking for a good car that can give you good features then the new 2020 Chevy el Camino can become a car that may you looking for. This car will offer many interesting design and also improvement that will make it a good car to be waiting for. This car will integrating some of the new features into the car body seamlessly without having to sacrifice any kinds of specifications and here are some of the information about it.

2020 Chevy el Camino Exterior and interior redesign

The exterior design of this car will be having a new front grille design. This improvement will also being expanded into the air intakes design that will allow for better intakes to the engine directly. To make things even better, the rear bumper and front bumper will also have new redesigned styling. And of course the design overall will have modern feel as well.

2020 Chevy el Camino interior improvement are not really much, however it will introduce a variety improvement. This can be noted on the new audio system that allow for better sound and entertainment. The next improvement is the center console will now have a brand new touch screen system. This touch screen system are integrated seamlessly to give a more appealing and easier navigation.

2020 Chevy El Camino Concept Refreshed

2020 Chevy el Camino Engine, Safety features, price and release date

The engine that is installed into the car will be a 360 horsepower engine that are a V8 engine. This V8 engine offer a 6, 0 liter engine capacity and will also have alternate engine which is a lower variant of V6 engine with 3, 2 liter engine capacity. This engine will allow the car for a very efficient and effective fuel usage. There are also a stronger engine variant with 6, 2 liter with 450 horsepower.

Safety features that will be applied into this car is going to be much better in terms of protection. This can be seen on the car sensor system as well some security system especially the lock system. Other than that, we can also getting new airbag mechanism system. This airbags system will provide the car with a better and also safer airbags that can protect us from the impact.

With all of the features that are introduced previously, of course, it is a good idea to know about the price and also release date of this car. According to the information that we can get, this car is released on the 2017 due to development. The price for this car is around the number of $25.000 to $40.000 depends on the trim level of the car. In overall 2020 Chevy el Camino is a good car that worthy of your time and money.

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