2020 Audi S6 Avant Specs & Price

Chief designer of Audi has giving a hint about 2020 Audi S6. Thought it’s not clearly said, the chief gives us a hope for new S6 construction. There are some information taken by the chief according to the car’s change in future.

First clue, it’s about the car’s visual. The chief has spoken that the car is under fully construction. For its construction, Audi will go more luxurious look for inner and outer look. It’s something that we expect from Audi for going more through new S6.

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Even it’s only clue given, we expect more than just a visual. We set a high expectation due to Audi work seen before. The company always makes a satisfying result through its previous work. We hope Audi may prepare surprising thing to its visual.

Besides, there are other rumors come surround the car. We may curious about the car’s engine. Audi’s car known with its powerful and agile car engine. It’s something that we like to share with you all through rumors that we’ve got.

First, let’s talk about the engine. There are lot of rumors released about the car’s powertrain. However, we may not still sure about what kind of engine that will be put. The only thing that we got is, 4.0 L that is chosen as the main engine.

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Based on report, 4.0 L is enough to provide powerful performance.  It’s predicted that the car can produce 600 HP. Besides, the torque itself is predicted around 500 torque. We feel pleased with the report since, it’s really good for the car.

The other thing that is being our concern is about the fuel efficiency. For many years, Audi has developed advance technology to improve its fuel usage. The new S6 is said for having more efficient fuel usage though it’s still being a mystery.

Rumor says that S6 will apply EPA system that provides more efficient fuel usage. In this case, we may see better fuel usage later. Based on report, it seems that the car may consume 21 MPG for city road and 34 for highway road.

2020 Audi S6 Specs and Redesign

The other thing that is awaited is about the exterior of 2020 Audi S6. Previously, we have talked a bit about its exterior that will be improved. The car may have more luxurious look applied on its bodyline. It’s seen through the picture that is being set as the car’s possible design.

The pictures shows that the car uses simple look that looks really elegant. However, Audi won’t forget to set its main nuance, sporty look. The bodyline is designed really fabulous with nice curve seen on both sides.

Last, its elegance shown through the utilization of nice-shaped lamp that looks really sharp. A huge grille set on front which is usually seen by us. We see that the company may add fog lamp but it’s still unsure whether it’s true or not.

What thing that we should expect inside? Of course, a nice and hi-tech cabin. It’s something that Audi can do so, we put a high hope at it. First, we believe that Audi will put a gorgeous cabin inside the car. Therefore, let’s make a guess about what it is.

We believe that the company will go for luxurious and simple look. For many years, Audi has put the same thing with this nuance. High quality leather is chosen as the main material for upholstery and dashboard.

The other thing that we expect is about the technology. There are two main parts seen here, the car’s safety and entertainment. Both will be processed well by Audi by having a hi-tech one in the field. However, we still don’t know about what thing that will be applied.

2020 Audi S6 Release date and price

For the price, people have already make a speculation about it. Based on its features, the car may set around $60.000. besides, 2020 Audi S6 may be released around early 2017 or early 2020.

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