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SUV under 20000 is the most wanted car lineup in the middle of automotive industry. SUV has greater function than any other car models. It is a Sport Utility Vehicle that has better power, strength and also performance to be used by the customers. To make the customers are easier in finding their best SUV to buy, there are some options that should be considered. Although SUV is a special vehicle model, it does not mean that all of them are so expensive. If you want to have greatest satisfactory and amazing driving experience, you can buy the highest priced one. Somehow, the cheap is also available.

Chevrolet and GMC are fulfilling SUV under 20000 car lists

You can check this kind of SUV under 20000 lineups from Chevrolet Equinox. It is a car with a very elegant design. The exterior of the car impress high sense of elegance and high class. It does not leave the impression of sporty look for its rims. The combination of this exterior can make an awesome result for this car appearance. Basically it is a second generation model that is still finds to be used as used cars. Although this car is only priced around $18,500 or more, the price is still under $20,000.

2019 - 2020 best suv under 20000

To make you sure about the car power, you have to look up for its engine specification. As one of the best SUV under 20000, this vehicle is carrying 3.6 liter V6 engine. It can produce up to 264 horsepower as well as 222 lb ft of torque. The competitor of Equinox is coming from so many brands. However, the competitor that has price below 20k is GMC Acadia. This can be said as the stronger competitor because it is produced by GMC. GMC itself is already wel`l known for the quality, previous success product and also its debut in automotive industry.

GMC Acadia comes with $19,770 average price. This car is still belonging to be midsized SUV that is pretty famous in the society and automotive industry. It happens because this car is supported by 3 row family seats which are adding by larger head and leg room for all the family members. The engine is belonging to V6 and it has 288 horsepower of strength. To support the convenience of all the passengers, GMC gives a sleek exterior design with all of its original design on interior. Both of these aspects are very incredible and valuable to be exists among one of SUV under 20000.

Best SUV under 20000 cars are wanted by the middle class society. Some of them choose SUV because this car version is more durable and stronger to be used in various form of road surface. Sometimes people who use the SUV cars are they who are living in the countryside areas. Uptown areas are also becoming the best place for the SUV cars. When you own SUV car type, you will also available to use the car in the middle of the city. The versatility of this car will make the users feel free to use the car in any function and any occasion.

Best SUV under 20000 Canada

Because the car is very flexible in the usage, many people are hunted the best SUV under 20000. Basically, the entire SUV price is around 20000, so it is pretty easy to select the car in SUV models with that price. Now it is the time for you to consider about the quality of the car, its feature until the performance of the car itself. One of the most recommended SUV that cost cheap is 2010 GMC Terrain. GMC itself is already well known as the best SUV producer. Engines and specifications that are used by almost all GMC cars are made to be great and powerful.

Without testing the car from GMC, you can be sure about its capability in affording the rough road surface. This SUV is carrying 4 cylinder engine with V6 engine version. It can reveal high engine work up to 260 horsepower. The large engine power is balanced by the presence of its high fuel economy. According to the official EPA test, the car is available to be driven until 30 miles per gallons for highway. Some nice safety features will also increase the secure of passenger. It has side curtain airbags also that can prevent accidental side crash that sometimes happen in the best SUV under 20000.

When you feel that GMC is too huge and luxurious, you can even choose the other SUV car that has more ideal shape. One of them is 2008 Hyundai Veracruz. This car is the best alternative choice for carrying you in any road condition. The engine has 3.8 liter capacity with its V6 engine type. The feet of the car are contained by the 17 inch alloy wheels. It also supported by rear air conditioning, side airbags and some additional security systems. Although the car is launched in high price range, today you can find this car is sitting around the lineup of best SUV under 20000.

What best used suv under 20000 to Choose?

Best used suv under 20000 contains the lists of dream car for every middle-budget automotive buyers. It is pretty interesting to select the car that has average price. If we can choose them with high consideration and smart decision, we can get a car with incredible engine and performance, but only wrapped with an affordable price. It does not mean that we should choose car which has no famous brand. We can pick one of them which are already used. Although it has been used, the performance, materials and engine are mostly treated well. All the result is totally depending on how we choose. So here are some recommendations.

Best used suv under 20000

Some best used suv under 20000 that are still incredible

Choosing pickup or truck is the common choices that done by the new customers that are looking for strong car. Then, how about selecting 2007 Ford Escape? It is not a truck and even pickup, but it is a high powered car that allows you to run fast and strong without leaving high prestige and fundamental SUV function. SUV is the best alternative for you who are looking for the most reliable cars. Since Ford Escape is belong to suv under 20000 lineups, the buyer of this used cars are increasing so many.

All the engine specification, features and also its performance of these suv under 20000 are made to be durable and well performed for many miles of driving range. It shows how the car is really appropriate to support your adventure and travel. The sturdy exterior and interior make the car is matched perfectly with its engine specs. It carries V6 engine and is only priced no more than $20,000. You can choose the price that fits you based on the year of the car made.

If you are still comfortable with Japan car manufacturer, you have to consider about 2001 to 2005 Toyota RAV4. Carrying a sporty design and less complicated front face, this car can be one of the most considered SUV that is ever exists. One amazing things that you have to know is about the fuel economy of the car. It has 21 mpg in the city drive and only 27 mpg for highway drive. All of these results are totally possible because it is supported with 161 horsepower engine and its great curb weight. It is pretty recommended to bring the car home because its price starts from $19,000, means that it is one of the best suv under 20000.

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