Hyundai i40 2021 Facelift Price & Release Date

Hyundai i40 2021 will have similar look to Sonata on its class. But this car will be more expensive. The entire space is designed to increase comfortable and ease as the advantage of this car. The outlook of this car is elegant and fashionable sizeable residence car.

This car is also called as i49 Tourer. As the starters, this car is being on a new platform also featured new technology. Even the more efficient engines is become its concern.

Hyundai i40 2021 Interior and Exterior Design

If analyze the prototype, this upcoming Hyundai i40 will have longer wheelbase compare to its predecessor. It looks lower and wider either in actual it is designed like that or only because of an optical illusion caused by the camouflage. With this design, it will give sportier look. We can see in the front of this car it looks like has similar design with the Sonata.

Hyundai i40 2021 Facelift Revealed

This car is expected to have much slimmer headlights, bigger air intake in the grille, and new hexagonal grille. Besides, the design looks from the side it will have glasshouse which feature lower belt line which means lighter for passengers and drier with better visibility.

A slanted look we can see on the rear of the car. The interior will definitely built from the ground up. It has curvy look on the dashboard with plenty of curved lines and futuristic look.

With this look, it will impress in a good way to the customer. The infotainment system will be updated to make the passengers feel more enjoyable during use this car. It is available also with 7.0-inches touchscreen with provided with central gaming system and satellite menu at the bottom. The seats will have big changes as it could get individual rear seats which might become quite interesting if we see it.

Hyundai i40 2021 Engine Specification

The engine of this Hyundai i40 will be available 2 versions. It is 1.6-liter engine which can produce capacity around 138 horsepower and 125 lb-feet of torque. This engine will be supported with 6-speed manual only which become the best deal when it comes with the acquisition price. Another option, it will be available in 1.7-liter turbocharged diesel which offers capacity around 115 up to over 140 horsepower and 240 lb-feet of torque. Sure, this will be great and get a powerful even efficient engine.

Hyundai i40 2021 Price and Release Date

Based on rumors, this Hyundai i40 will be in showrooms on around late year 2018 or early year 2021. We will see the prototypes first which will be available in the summer of this year and it shows that they develop this car in early stages.

This car is predicted to be a competitor for Mazda 6, Volkswagen Passat, Subaru Liberty, Ford Mondeo, and Skoda Octavia. Regarding the price, this new Hyundai i40 2021 will offer much affordable price around $27.900.

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