2023 Toyota Hilux Redesign & Release Date

2023 Toyota Hilux is another variant of Tundra which rumored to be released soon on market. This car belongs to pickup category and commonly used as vehicle to carry stuff. However, today pickup is not like several years ago because people see this car as new SUV with additional space at back.

Recent variant of Tundra is available only in petrol. If you see competitors on market, they already introduce diesel engine to customers. Toyota tries to develop diesel engine and plan to release it soon. Market and automotive fans are eager to know the performance and specs of diesel variant, though the exterior and interior are expected to be similar with recent model.

Look at 2023 Toyota Hilux Exterior and Interior

New diesel variant of Tundra will have exterior and interior feature as similar to petrol engine. This car has three major models based on cabin sizes. First, regular cab is designed with two doors, short cabin, and two seats for driver and passenger. Meanwhile, double cab has additional space behind the main seats. Moreover, CrewMax consists of two doors with two-row seats.

Even though Toyota is Japan based automaker, 2023 Toyota Hilux will be produced in Texas. This car looks strong and firm with new frame and bumper on the front as well as LED headlamp. This car is pickup model, so the tailgate can be detached for towing or lifting the stuff. Rear headlamp has the refinement with brighter lamp and LED light.

All of Tundra variants have the same size, so regular cab will get short cabin and long space at the back. On contrary, CrewMax gets long cabin and short space at the back of car. You can try to pick double cab because the cabin and backspace is medium.

Being pickup does not mean it is less comfortable for long journey. Manufacturer uses high quality material for seats and it is very comfortable to drive in any road, particularly irregular road. Tundra has been upgraded with recent safety system to prevent accident and collision. Breaking is already ABS to get the strong grip when driver hit the brake pedal unintentionally.

2023 Toyota Hilux will be equipped with latest technology. Navigation system is integrated into display at the front dashboard. Driver can stay in touch with outside world through the internet. In addition, you can connect and synchronize it to the smartphone via Entune.

2023 Toyota Hilux Engine and Performance

2023 Toyota Hilux is expected to have engine capacity more than 4.9 liter. As petrol consists of two basic engines, diesel is only one capacity. Analysts predict this capacity will be available from 4.0 to 4.8 and it hardly gets more than 5 liter. Diesel engine seems to have less power and expected to exhaust more than 400 horsepower.

Advantage of diesel is about the maintenance and fuel consumption. Recent EPA rating for petrol shows 13/17 mpg for this car. Customers expect to have high number with diesel variant. Besides, Tundra with diesel has more payload and towing capability.

Even though official date is still uncertainty, this car might be on the market in 2017 or 2018. Based on petrol variant, initial price for diesel starts at $30,000. The price might be high for regular cab and CrewMax. If you want pickup with excellent performance and capability, the right choice will be 2023 Toyota Hilux.

2023 Toyota Hilux V6 Diesel

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