2023 Chevy Cruze SS Release Date, Specs, Price

Chevrolet is now planning for a new generation car to continue their attempt of domination mid sized sedan. After the success of the 2016 Cruze. Chevrolet moves ahead new 2023 Chevy Cruze concept.  In this article we will offer some available insight to the outstanding car

2023 Chevy Cruze SS, the general outlook

Since the re-introduction of the Cruze lines in the Chevrolet porto folio. The brand turned into a great choice for people who looking for a high quality and middle sized sedan.  the Cruze  features all true and beauty of sedan’s characteristics namely comfort, stability, safety and enough room for passengers.

The brand now grow exquisite and almost elite reputation. It was no longer considered just as another car. Now it’s a car of choice for you, your friend or family.  Chevrolet take the step further by developing the concept into 2023 Chevy Cruze.

The new Cruze is expected to boasts much improvements compared to the 2016 series. More elegance, performance and various fixes to the weaknesses of the previous generation car.

According to available but unofficial sources. Chevrolet intend to take Cruze and further improving its characteristics. The car itself however has perfect balance between quality and comfort while still retaining its affordable characteristics.  With Cruze they intend to keep the trend and to re-establish themselves in the medium sized sedan market as the industrial leaders.


Interior wise the 2023 Chevy Cruze series are no slouch. Designed from the outset to be luxurious car with sporty performance. The Cabin amenities for the car is highly elegant, comfortable and entertaining. It features aerospace style big touchscreen which provide the elegance and modern cutting edge look on the dashboard.

Not only the dashboard, the rest of the cabin also features comforts, elegance and cutting edge looks.

Redesigned from the earlier Cruze, the cabin has improved and modernized clusters. Gear shifting knob is covered with leathers as well as door panel and seat.

The driver also provided with situational awareness display consist of network of cameras and monitor to allow him to grasp situation around the car. Thus improve safety.

The 2023 chevy Cruze series also add more comfort by redesigning and enlarging head and leg room. The car also features new and improved infotainment system based on the earlier Cruze series.

The new Cruze’s infotainment system includes 4G internet connectivity which allows up to 7 devices to connect to your car’s internet.  other infotainment techs includes Bluetooth, Onstar and satellite radio. The Onstar feature allows extra security through provision of car security control in your smartphone or tablet. You can remotely unlock, lock and even start your car.


In terms of drivetrain. The 2023 Chevy Cruze is expected to be popular thanks to its new fuel efficient engine. Cruze sports 2.5 V4 – four cylinder hybrid engine with  battery pack. The fuel efficiency is outstanding with over 50 MPG in city or highway. The standard version however allow for net of 27MPG in city and 40 MPG in highway. an Impressive figure for a middle sized city sedan.

2023 Chevy Cruze The expected Price and Release date

Although no official confirmation yet. It’s expected that the new 2023 Chevy Cruze will start at approximately U$ 24,000, and up to U$ 28,000 for additional features. Such price range are competitive with other medium sized luxury sedan and just slightly below the rival Acura’s flagship 2023 RDX series.  The new 2023 Chevy Cruze types (LT and LS) are to be expected to be released and marketed in global scale at Fall 2017.

2023 Chevy Cruze Sedan Colors and Price

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