2022 Pontiac GTO Judge Price, Specs and Release Date

Comparing last year’s preview of upcaoming 2022 Pontiac GTO, we will address the preview about the upcoming 2022 Pontiac GTO. Not that we already have the official information, but here are some information about the interior and exterior design, engine’s specs, release date and price based on rumors.

Years ago people tought that Pontiac GTO was being stopped on the production. This rumors was regarding the fact that Camaro model was hitting the highest sale on the market. The discontinuation by Pontiac for many years is likely to be determinated. We are facing the revival of GTO Pontiac 2022.

We need to put believe that this brand new model, or we can say re-model from Pontiac GTO will has new look. Either inside or outside. Here are a few informations about its redesign that we gather from many rumors that have been around lately.

2022 Pontiac GTO Redesign

It is safe to say that after years hasn’t been released, Pontiac GTO will has this sporty, luxury look. Considering that it will be roughly sold on the market, the design should be make a perfect combination between the look and the engine.

Made to be fast and luxury, new Pontiac GTO also considered to have those quality. It can runs really fast, and also look amazing on its rolling wheels.

Then we will talk about wht’s inside this car. Without no legit information about the interior design, we can assume that if Pontiac GTO is going to take place on the market, it should choose their material carefully.

Beside the materials used, designer and manufacturer also should come up with new idea and design. When exterior design can look be more sporty, then, interior also should have more sporty-ish look and properties.

Pontiac GTO Engine’s Specs

Speed is everything it need. This car should be given a 4.8 L twin turbo charged V8, up to 500 hores power engine, and high lb-ft of torque. Runs with its rear wheel drive, Pontiac GTO can hit its maximum speed at the 10th speed automatic. So, which other part that are not sporty enough from 2022 Pontiac GTO?

Release Date and Price of Pontiac GTO 2022

We can never guess the exact release date of a product without any official announcement. With the rumors of 2022 Pontiac GTO, then it can be assumed that this car will appear on 2022. Technically we can say from the begining of 2022 until the end of the year.

It goes the same with the price. There are no prediction yet. But for the base version of this model, GTO 2022 from Pontiac may be around $50,000. More likely to be more that that number when 2022 Pontiac GTO released.

2022 Pontiac GTO Judge First Look

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