2022 Jeep Comanche Pickup Redesign, Specs, Release Date

2022 Jeep Comanche is known as Easter Jeep Safari that gives its buyers wilder design compared to another options. In fact, there are about seven model concepts you can choose. The exterior of Jeep Comanche for 2022 makes it easily stand in the crowd.

2022 Jeep Comanche Review

It has a conventional jeep Renegade, but it is not for the whole thing. In fact, the jeep will resemble military truck that has canvas on its top. There is nothing like fog light as part of the jeep, however, there is fitment for a winch that somehow hidden.

The top is removable. When it comes to the frame for the windows and doors, it will be dismissed to aim military look for the jeep. The grill is designed with trailhawk design, just like it’s used to. Asking for the color for 2022 Jeep Comanche?

It offers you with the combination of beige color as the main color, and black as additional color that splashes the hood and some other parts of the jeep. If you want to go off-road with the jeep, the steel rock sliders bring you peace of mind. The steel rock sliders conceal the jeep for viable damage that may occur.

For its interior, unfortunately, it is still a mystery as the manufacturer is not revealed it yet. But still, you can find some clues if you squint, you’ll see that there is low-back buckle seat that is covered with canvas to replace the Renegade’s seat that used to be there. The center console and the dashboard, it stays the same.

Though, there is a possibility that you will spot subtle remodel. In comparison of its exterior, there is nothing like extreme remodel (except for the seat) for the interior. Even so, you won’t be disappointed.

How about the engine under the lid? Based on the press release, a 4-cylinder turbodiesel 2.0L will be the engine that is planted under the hood. The power that is produced is 168hp with 258 pound-ft of torque. Let it alone, you’ll see that the engine will be coupled with Chrysler’s auto nine-speed transmission.

To make Jeep Comanche performs better than Renegade, the manufacturer will put two inches for suspension lift. This is very helpful somehow to remove dirt when you want to improve the ground clearance. Simply like the inside image of the jeep that is not released yet, it is the same for the price tag of 2022 Jeep Comanche.

2022 Jeep Comanche SUV SPy Shots

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