2022 Jaguar XJ EV Price & Release Date

2022 Jaguar XJ, the name is not foreign. Even you are not auto lovers. But for 2022 model, what this sedan offers you? Look it at, there is no major change for its exterior. I looks almost the same with its predecessor.

2022 Jaguar XJ Review

Pay attention toward the front grille. It is larger than its previous model. It is not the only remodel for the grill, additional mesh pattern for its wire brings a nice touch for the sedan. Some upgrades occur for LED headlights.

For whatever the trim that is chosen, you get responsive LED standard. The roofline, it caters nice look to the car. And yes minor update doesn’t mean you find nothing interesting. Next, take a tour to the inside. Electric power steering, is what you find.

There is also InControl Infotainment system that let you to have more control toward the sedan. The engine, there will be few options. Choosing the entry level, there is supercharged V6 3.0L makes 340hp for 2022 Jaguar XJ.

Only for those who yearn more power, put your option to a supercharged V8 5.0L for 470. Th upper level, it make the sedan has 550hp. For all of the engine that is available, it will be integrated with automated eight-speed transmission.

Adaptive damping system that is installed, is worth mentioning. It adds comfortableness while driving the car. So yes, in the case you meet with road with some imperfection, rest assured. Another thing, it is disc brake with huge ventilation that adds the enjoyment on road, too, the feeling when you push the pedal.

Frankly, 2022 model of Jaguar XJ gives you sportier feeling for close interior concept. Whilst, some auto enthusiasts consider this as good thing, other will determine it as drawback. The reason, it cut down the size inside the car makes it way more confined.

However, if you have no problem with it, then this can be another good option to consider. The safety features, aside from standard safety feature like traction and stability control, six airbags, and so on. Jaguar XJ adds its safety department with more advanced feature like the undermentioned.

Traffic change recognition system that assist driver to handle the speed. In addition, you will be equipped as well with blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control. In short, 2022 model caters better performance compared to its outdated model. Oh, the price is started from $75,395 to drive home 2022 Jaguar XJ.

2022 Jaguar XJ price & release Date

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