2022 Jaguar XE SVR Price and Release Date

2022 Jaguar XE is no longer about rumors, the real thing is already there. As part of F-type model, it is not that surprising that you will find that Jaguar XE will adopt mechanical component and also design that becomes the signature of F-type. Even though, many people say that Jaguar XE looks even better than its other sibling.

2022 Jaguar XE Review

The combination of unique grille, long bonnet, slim headlight, a beautiful roof line, it creates beauty for Jaguar XE. But the good thing about the sedan it is not merely about its appearance from the outside. Spend your time under the roof, then you will understand. All in all, you will be impressed with how it is designed.

But it is not the only thing, as good design is nothing if it decreases its function. Subtle design ventilation outlets together with central multimedia screen, 2022 Jaguar XE may be anyone’s favorite. the cabin is not that spacious, still it is agreeable. Even though, the coupe-like roofline caters beauty for the outside, it brings a drawback inside the cabin.

You will have problem with rear headroom. In fact it is not really a problem if you have medium height, but taller people. The legroom tells the same story. If the one who drives the sedan is a tall person, the legroom for passenger will be cut down.

Compared to its competitor within the same class, XE is not a lighter option. However it is for good reason. Though the body is made of aluminum for about 1/3 of of, the door is not. To build the door the manufacturer consider to use sturdy steel. Hence, when you drive in a typical wet road, you won’t meet hassle to maintain comfortableness.

When it comes to power section, it has turbo petrol engine 2.0L 4-inline that gives you, both 147kW and 170kW. Another option for the engine is V-6 petrol 3.0L that boost 25kW. The latter  one is destined for XE upper trim, XE S. How about the price Surprisingly, the price tag (on roads cost included) is started from $60,400.

Considering to buy the higher level, you need to spend $104,200. Aside from its cabin that somehow tiny for taller driver, this sport sedan is quite stylish. Not to mention the comfortableness while driving it. Some color options for premium Windsor leather makes you can personalized your purchase, 2022 Jaguar XE.

2022 Jaguar XE Electric Redesign

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