2022 Jaguar F Type SVR Specs and Release Date

2022 Jaguar F Type R is a car with menacing machine. It comes with two models to choose convertible and coupe. Those who have more in their saving account, they can get the car in summer. The car is not less pricey.

2022 Jaguar F Type R SVR Review

Go to under the lid, Jaguar F Type R has supercharged V8 5.0L coupled with 8-speed automatic, it boost 550hp. Not to mention, both of the model, convertible and coupe, they have the same engine. But, do you think both of them give you the exact performance?

Start from the price, the base level will make you to spend $100,000. However, you need to pay more, for the coupe like $104,595, whilst for the convertible model, it takes $107,445 slightly higher than the coupe.

2022 Jaguar F Type R Specs

The exterior? 2022 Jaguar F Type R is just perfect with its subtle curve and smooth line anyone will love. Just like what you get outside, inside the cabin will be spoiled with high quality standard for both model. The material that builds the car comes from top-rated material. The layout is well-designed, and based on driver on mind.

The leather is perfectly stitched. Inside the cabin you will get satellite radio, HD radio, keyless entry, and many others. In addition for some people the infotainment system that is put, somehow it can be really hard to handle. Start from its first appearance to up till now, the difference is very significant.

Many updates take part to make not only its appearance looks better, but also its performance. All wheel drive used to be the option, but now it becomes standard feature for both sport car that leads to better acceleration. Want a test drive?

Anyway, there are many other features to discover, and yes you can expect more for a car with expensive price. It equips with drive mode that you can choose to suit the environment. It has everyday driving mode, for bad weather, and many others. In addition, take a look to Dynamic mode as you will love it.

Blind sport monitoring, backup camera, complete package of infotainment system, and plenty more. Comparing the performance of the two, it is not that far actually. You may spot some different, but it won’t be that much. Just suggestion, if you devour speed so much as 550hp is just not enough, jaguar f type SVR is another option to consider. However you need to wait for another year, since this will be introduced next year as another sibling for 2022 Jaguar F Type R.

2022 Jaguar F Type Top Speed

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