2022 Buick Regal Sportback GS Colors & Specs

When you are looking at the new 2022 Buick Regal, you will notice that the old boxy look of the Regal from Buick has been gone. Yes, this new edition of Regal from Buick has the all-new looking design that you will love. The design offers you the sleek style with the combination of elegance. This combination is surely something that you will not want to miss from Buick.

Simple Elegance on 2022 Buick Regal

When you are looking on the exterior of this car, you will surely notice that this car offers you the simple elegance that you need. That is because the overall shape of this car is totally simple and the sleek line is also another thing that put this car on the next level of elegance. Going to the front and rear parts of this car, you can also get the simple looking design that you will love from this car.

If you are curious about the interior of this car, you can get something similar with the exterior of this car since the simplicity is the main point of this car. as an addition to that the elegance of this car can be felt through the nice color combination of soft brown and dark brown of the leather on this new 2022 Buick Regal.

Inner Parts of 2022 Buick Regal

In the old times, the old Regal is one name that offers you the nice and powerful engine. Fortunately, that is something that does not change from this new version of Regal from Buick. That is because you can still get the nice and powerful engine that is slightly similar with the old one from Buick, but the new engine has been modified to compete with some other competitors.

You need to know that this new Regal offers you some engine options. The first one is considered as the smallest one. That is the Turbocharged engine with the maximum capacity of 2.0-Liter. This engine can give you the maximum output of 250 horsepower.

The second engine is the V6 engine with the maximum capacity of 3.0-Liter. This one will surely give you the better performance since this engine is able to give you the maximum output of 300 horsepower. The last one is the twin turbo engine with the V6 model. This engine has the maximum capacity of 3.6-Liter. With this engine spec from 2022 Buick Regal, you can expect that this engine can produce 400 horsepower.

2022 Buick Regal GS Sportback

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