2022 BMW M6 Grand Coupe Release Date & Specs

2022 BMW M6 is not yet released but, it already turns into big news. It comes because of the car’s popularity from the past. M6 is part of 6 series that is really popular. With the new series, BMW will apply remarkable update.

There are several changes noted by us which may give huge aspect. The first thing is, BMW decides to change its design. Besides, there is also other change is seen through the car’s engine. For all kind of information, it will be briefly explained through explanation below.

2022 BMW M6 Convertible Overview

For the car’s engine, it’s still not decided yet by the company. For this problem, people start to speculate about what kind of engine that will be implemented. The strongest prediction goes for V8 4.4 L Biturbo that is able to deliver powerful performance.

The engine is able to generate 600 HP. It may be too exaggerative for the car. If it’s true then M6 may turn into a monster on the road. Its huge horsepower production may be a huge load for the car’s performance.

In addition to the engine rumor, there is still none of information that we can get for now. The other prediction that we make is, the car may come with several engine options. It’s BMW’s strategy to bring various trim levels. One of the engine that we like to see is, hybrid engine.

Hybrid engine can be a good way to get more customer. Besides, it also becomes a good way to reduce fuel usage on the car. This way could be a good strategy made by the company. Therefore, we sure that the car will come with this engine in big percentage.

2022 BMW M6 Interior and Exterior

Though the body may be changed, BMW still retain the main theme of 2022 BMW M6. It’s known as elegance through its sporty bodyline. It looks dull without any changes but, if you see it clearly, there are some changes that are seen.

Each part of car is designed really sporty. It can be seen through the front and rear part that is designed with sharper design. The addition of shaper lamp shaped for the car’s front and rear lamp can be a good thing. The company also decides to add fog lamp as supportive part for the car.

The other thing is, BMW still goes for the iconic grille which will not changed. It is still an attractive part seen through the exterior. Overall, we can say that the car’s visual looks really good for now.

For the cabin, we try to make some predictions about what kind of change that will be given. First of all, let’s talk about the car’s feature. To put it simply, there are two parts of car that will be improved, the car’s safety and entertainment part.

BMW may go far for the car’s safety feature as a strong point to attracts more customer. In this case, there will be several common features such as, parking system, airbag, and etc. there could be better if BMW may start to give more advance features for its safety.

The other part, the car’s entertainment is possible for having upgrade. The upgrade may be seen through the utilization of new features seen inside. A huge touchscreen panel may be the one that will connect you with the car.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the car’s look inside. We hope that BMW may utilize high quality material that is varied. We predict that the car may use leather since, almost all of 6 series car use it. Black is the color that will be used by the car and we sure for it.

2022 BMW M6 Release date and price

For the price and release date, either BMW or any experts still don’t give any info about it. However, we catch a hint that 2022 BMW M6 will be released at the end of 2017.

2022 BMW M6 Gran Coupe Price

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