2022 BMW M5 Price, Specs and Release Date

As one of the latest car by BMW, the new 2022 BMW M5 provides us passenger and also driver with many interesting features.

Features that are introduced ranged from improvement in the engine and also exterior design. With these features and improvements, M5 has become one of the popular car that are being sought this day. For you who want to know more about the new M5 then here are the specs.

2022 BMW M5 Performance and Specification Information


Engine is a very important part of this car. According to the information that we can gather the new engine that are installed into this car are quite reliable and much faster than the previous model. The new engine for the new M5 model itself is a V8 engine.

As we all know V8 engine is quite powerful and for the new M5 model it is using V8 engine with 4.4 liter capacity engine. This will improve the car engine and it can give us for around 592 horsepower of power and also 516 lb-ft of torque in total. This engine will be combined with four wheel drive engine and xDrive system which also featured with both automatic and manual transmission system.


As the engine for the new M5 are quite amazing the exterior for the 2022 BMW M5 is also the same. The upgrades that takes place on the car exterior are quite amazing. We can see that there are several improvements for the car exterior ranges from the grilles and air intakes that are made to improve the car design.

Another interesting takes on this car exterior is that it has better aesthetic design which makes the car looks sporty. There are also new quad tailpipes in the car exterior that makes it feel interesting. In overall the new car body design are pretty and elegant which makes the car looks really exclusive and also distinct.


Interior design for the car are pretty unique. It has been remodeled so any passenger and also driver can really feel comfortable inside the car. The new cockpit design that are become even more sporty and futuristic as well improved comfort for the upholstery and also seating are the best improvements that takes place into this car interior.

Release date and Price

Release date of this car are planned to be at the end of the year of 2015, which means it has been released globally. The car price itself are set on the ranges of $100.000. Even though it looks expensive, if we compared the new 2022 BMW M5 specification to the price we can really think that it is a worthy price to be pay.

2022 BMW M5 Revealed

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