2022 Acura RLX Redesign, Changes and Release Date

For any RLX fans out there, 2022 Acura RLX will be released soon. the car is known as one of famous series from Acura. There are many rumors come around about the latest series of RLX. The rumor hits several factors like, the car’s change. Of course, there will be no old RLX. Acura will give several changes for making better ride.

Besides, the other thing is, the car’s change that will be implemented. With new things, it will be totally new things for the car. In this case, it’s better for us to go deeper for the car’s change. Here are some information about the car’s change.

2022 Acura RLX Redesign Rumors

Up till now, there is only one engine that comes. Acura is rumored for giving V6 3.5L for the car’s engine. With this engine, the car is able to get 310 HP. Besides, RLX also gets 6 speed automatic transmission system.

Beside some information above, we will give some predictions more. First, we believe Acura will create more economical car from fuel usage. The other thing is, the car’s acceleration. Not sure about it but, it becomes a huge waste if the car doesn’t get good acceleration.

There are also other rumors come around about the car’s engine. The huge rumor is, RLX will go for hybrid engine. It’s understanding if Acura will go for it due the popularity of hybrid car. However, it’s still uncertain whether the company will go or any engine that will be given.

2022 Acura RLX Interior and Exterior

For the exterior of 2022 Acura RLX, Acura is going to redesign it. There are several new changes are seen. First, Acura is successful in creating modern ride through whole car’s design. Front sight of car looks really cool with new headlamp and cool bumper.

The back part also receives huge visual change through the lamp and bumper. There is also a revision implemented on some parts. However, Acura also still uses some old parts. It’s caused by few negative reports received from its predecessor.

For the cabin, there are several new things that will be implemented. First, leather is confirmed as upholstery’s material. It will create silk visual and comfortable seat for anyone. Therefore, we give a huge point for Acura to this aspect.

In this case, there are already some info that are confirmed. First, Acura is going to use high-quality leather. It will bring huge change for the car’s upholstery. First, it can be seen through the car’s visual. Second, it will make everyone feels really comfortable while sitting inside.

Besides, we hope that Acura will give new aspect for the car’s system. It covers two aspects, entertainment and safety. These elements will be covered with new things. For this aspect, we still need to wait for further announcement about it.

Some of features that are already confirmed is, GPS, Acura Link, Pandora, Sattelite radio, and etc. The features can be added with other features that are advanced. In this case, we smell a possibility if Acura will develop advance feature for the car in the future.

2022 Acura RLX Release date and price

Before we talk about the release date of car, we will talk about the possibility of trim level release. We know that Acura may release different trim levels. The rim will be differentiated with different engine and other features that are given.

The release date of car is rumored for being released at early of 2022. Besides, the price will receive different cost due to its trim. For now, we assume that 2022 Acura RLX will be cost for $50.000 for basic trim.

2022 Acura RLX Aspec Concept

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