2021 RAM 1500 Limited Release Date & Changes

Dodge has been known for their powerful car spec in the form of Dodge RAM, in this present day the news regarding 2021 RAM 1500 has become one of the popular news. The implementation of this new series for the long legacy of Dodge Ram has make many people anticipating this new car. Of course the new car will also being implemented with better specifications.

Several new specifications that are being introduced into this new car ranges from the new Engine which is described to be much more powerful than the previous 1500 Dodge Ram series. Of course not only the engine that get new treatment as the body design and interior design will also improve even better. This remarkable news that makes many fans of the Dodge Ram become hyped for the upcoming release.

2021 RAM 1500 Concept Details

One thing that make people are highly anticipating about this new car is due to the engine. According the information that we can gather this car will have different types of engine. For the basic car model it will be applied with V6 engine with 3.6 liter capacity which is quite good on its own. On the other hand the better trim level will be applying unique HEMI V8 engine with 5.7 liter capacity which is far more powerful.

To make things even better there are additional diesel engine with 3.0 liter capacity for the engine. Of course, among all of these engine the new HEMI engine with 5.7 liter capacity engine is the most waited as it is the most powerful one. This engine will also offer high powerful output with almost 400 horsepower which is pretty high for a car of this type.

2021 RAM 1500 Interior and Exterior Redesign

Exterior for the new 2021 RAM 1500 offer many kinds of interesting improvements. According to the news that we can gather this car will introduce a brand new bumper which is far more resilient and also powerful. The model of the exterior is also larger than the previous car even though in reality if we see it is look a lot more compact it is actually larger than the previous series.

This car will introduce several choices of color ranges from red color for the interior and many kinds of color selection making the exterior looks far more aesthetically beautiful. The wheel also offer larger diameter which makes it much more reliable and also powerful than any other car. There are new front grille design that makes the car looks even more masculine than ever.

The most interesting things about this car interior is that it will be having larger interior space. The space is spacious which makes the car feel much more relaxing and also comfy enough for several people at once without having to sacrifice its comfort. This will make the interior a great addition for people who usually go with their friends and family on an adventure due to the space itself.

For the interior design, there are several interesting things that makes the car looks unique if compared with the other car. First of all it offer a unique and stylish design with comfortable leather material for the seating. To make it even better the interior also introduce a brand new seat adjustment system so the passenger can adjust the seat easily to fit their needs and belongings.

2021 RAM 1500 Release date and Price

Release date and also the price of the new 2021 Ram 1500 is quite obscured. There are some rumor that said that the price of this new Dodge Ram 1500 is going to be around $25.000 for the basic car model. However it can be changed as the development progress is still in way. For the Release date itself this new 2021 RAM 1500 is going to be released on the year of 2021 especially on the later year.

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