2021 Pontiac GTO Judge Price, Specs & Rumors

The rumor that Pontiac will release 2021 Pontiac GTO is a great surprise for fans who have believed that Pontiac won’t make GTO model again. The rationale behind this assumption is the inability of Pontiac to make car that can compete the look and strength of Camaro, thus, Pontiac has stopped production of this model.

There are many reasons to believe in this rumor even though rumor about the making and designing a new car are not confirmed yet. Designing and producing the new GTO, lower and more massive compared to its predecessor will not be easy. However, it is interesting to get to know about predictions of this luxury fast car.

2021 Pontiac GTO Exterior and Interior Redesign
For the success of this upcoming 2021 design, Pontiac needs to focus more about the luxury, present on the other models in this class. In addition, this Pontiac car must be aerodynamic and modern shaped and creating impressive look of the speed and strong futuristic car. For the exact information, fans need to be patient waiting for official information from Pontiac.

The upcoming 2021 GTO is predicted to have a combination of the sporty look, luxury and expensive design using fabric inside of the cabin. The focus of the interior design is on its luxury fabric and sophisticated and high-tech functions.

This prediction based on the fact that the market of the fast sports cars has been changed last few years, Pontiac designers need to understand that those aspects are important even the car is prepared for speed and fast accelerating. Those aspects are the great complementary beside the comfort under the skin of 2021 Pontiac GTO.

2021 Pontiac GTO Engine, Safety Features, Price, and Release Date

There is strong rumor that new Pontiac GTO will offer 500 horsepower of the strength and 4.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine is really expected in this 2021 model. Another expectation is about the pairing with the new 10-speed automatic transmission for this engine. Nevertheless, even though this 2021 model will be a new fast machine from the Pontiac, this new GTO is predicted to be unable to compete their own model Corvette.

2021 Pontiac GTO Gets Minor Styling Update For European Market

Unfortunately, there has not been trustworthy information about the the safety features of this car. However, as Pontiac has been a globally-known automobile, fans and potential buyers should not be much worry about the safety features.

This fast car must be installed with adequate safety features that protect and mitigate the driver and passengers from unwanted circumstances impacted from any accidents. There has been no exact information regarding to its release date, rumors even cannot state any exact date. To have 2021 Pontiac GTO, fans need to pay at around $50,000.

2021 Pontiac GTO Build and Price

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