2021 Honda HRV Turbo Redesign and Rumors

2021 Honda HRV is one of the flagship series manufactured by Honda to complete the market demand. This leading manufacturer is well known for its expertise on producing powerful vehicle, particularly SUV. High amount of SUV lineup series manufactured by this company is able to gain consumers trust. It should come as no surprise when people decided to opt for vehicle by Honda as their top priority.

2021 Honda HRV Redesign and Changes

Compared to the previous version released last year, this model improves its exterior layout dramatically. The improvement is necessary in order to make the cabin interior has bigger space, while maintaining its attractive looks. The exterior of this SUV is mostly designed in clean shape with less detail or highlight. The entire car layout emphasizes on functional aspect more than its aesthetic.

As it goes with most SUV manufactured by Honda, the 2021 Honda HRV comes with distinctive grille. Its radiator grille features three horizontal stripes connected with company emblem right in the center of it. The stripes continue to both sides where they meet the headlamps that has sharp angle. It is also interesting to point out that the hood covering the engine is almost in horizontal angle.

Due to the lack of lines as highlights, the exterior takes advantage of its curvature to create detail. For instance, you can easily spot horizontal curvature stretched along the sides of this SUV. Half circle shape curvature can also be found circling the wheel space. Meanwhile, the roof features two ledges in case you want to bring your stuff on top of the car.

One thing noticeable from the interior of 2021 Honda HRV is the space available. Since it has bulky exterior layout and high roof design, the cabin interior is spacious. This superior benefit makes the car is highly recommended as family vehicle. Along with generous headroom and legroom, the cabin is also packed with storage spaces in few spots.

2021 Honda HRV Turbo Specs and Release Date

Even though the manufacturer has yet to confirm the engine specification, you can expect impressive powertrain. The rumor said that 3.5 liter of V6 engine is the best option for the car engine. This particular engine specification allows the car receive 310 horsepower along with 280 lb-ft of torque.

Due to serious improvements installed to the car, the price is slightly higher than its predecessors are. The base model is calculated over $31,000. The price tag might be higher if you decided to use upgraded model of 2021 Honda HRV.

2021 Honda HRV Turbo Redesign

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