2021 Honda Civic Si Coupe Concept & Redesign

2021 Honda Civic Si is one of the latest car that are developed by Honda. This car is a sedan car hybrid that are designed to be used for city car used. There are some interesting improvements that makes this car very hyped. However, the most important part of all the improvements will be the new specifications and also engine that is going to make this car much more reliable for a city car.

  • What We Like

There are several things that we like about this car, some of them are the newly design body that now much more cool and also stylish. Not to mention that it will now get a new engine which is going to be much more interesting to see.

  • What We Don’t Like

Even with all of the important features there are several things that we thing are not really good ranges from the overused interior design. Which is not really bad at all, but it can get better improvements to be honest.

  • What’s New for 2021?

Additionally, as we already explain before there are several new things that will be applied into this car ranges from the car new engine, body design and minimal improvement on the interior design.

  • Price Range

2021 Honda Civic Si going to be priced around $19.000 to $23.000 due to the specifications of the car itself which makes it very reliable and also great.

2021 Honda Civic Si Exterior and Interior

Exterior for this new car is quite unique, it offer new body design that looks much more stylish especially with its aerodynamics design. Not to mention that the new design now further enhanced with new headlights with sharper design and also front new grille to give better cooling system.

Interior for this car looks simple but offer comfortable feel. The simplicity of this car interior will also being upgraded with better infotainment system which will give this car better and easier control even for beginner. The space of this car interior is slightly larger to give it much comfortable design.


The new engine of this car will be a new turbocharger engine with 1.5 liter engine of four cylinder variant. The engine offer 162 lb-ft of torque power as well 174 horsepower giving it a better power in overall with the old series, there are also alternative choice if you like with 2.0 liter four cylinder engine. In overall you can choose one that suitable with your needs and liking.

Safety and Features

One of the most important part for this car is that it will have improved safety features. The safety features itself will make the passenger and driver both will be safer from impact. New safety belt feature and also parking system which give this new 2021 Honda Civic Si better parking system. In other words you will be a lot safer using this car.

2021 Honda Civic Si Coupe Redesign

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