2021 GMC Canyon Denali Refresh & Redesign

2021 GMC Canyon is one of recommended pickup trucks in mid-size segment. You may see similar design and model, but Canyon still has some differences. Chevrolet and GMC are in the same parent company, so both of them share the same platform.

Design for 2021 GMC Canyon Denali

2021 GMC Canyon has similar exterior wheelbase and exterior with Colorado from Chevrolet. Two cars come from similar concept, but Canyon designs different front grille to make distinction. Horizontal contour at front blends perfectly with GMC emblem.

As pickup truck, strong bumper is important. Besides, the car is already in LED headlamp to provide utmost visibility during harsh condition. Long cabin reduces box area at back. This car is only available in double cab mode with two doors for cabin.

2021 GMC Canyon In Depth Review

GMC puts high-grade material to keep passengers feel comfortable when sitting inside the cabin. Several panels are installed, including indicators to provide clear information. The car uses touchscreen display at front dashboard with many applications.

One of interesting features is 4G LTE. You cannot find the car in pickup truck segment that has high-speed network, except Colorado. This technology lets driver to stay connected, even at remote area. Entertainment panels are USB and Bluetooth to connect into smartphone.

Engine Specs and Price for 2021 GMC Canyon

2021 GMC Canyon still uses the same engine as recent model. There are three engine capacities: 2.5, 2.8, and 3.6 liters. Diesel engine has capacity for 2.5 liter with average powertrain of 181 horsepower. Gasoline engine is 2.8 liter and it exhausts 200 horsepower.

Both of engines are in six-speed transmission, which are automatic or manual. More powerful engine is available in 3.6 liter and it produces more than 220 horsepower. As pickup truck, Canyon might not good for high speed driving. This car takes nine second to reach 100 km/h.

This car has many features to keep driver, stuffs, and passengers out of trouble. Box area at back is equipped with different modes to match your needs. Some sensors and cameras help driver to avoid collision and accident.

Rear camera delivers high visibility at backside of the car. It is also installed with anti-lock braking to keep the wheel in check. This car is suitable for heavy lifting task and carrying more stuff. Another control is hill assist to help driver when driving in hill or mountain journey.

The car is already on market and the next model is ready to sell. The price starts from $21,980. You need to ask local dealer for definite number. The price depends on many factors due to several variants in 2021 GMC Canyon model.

2021 GMC Canyon Facelift Unveiled 2021 GMC Canyon First Look interior and Exterior

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