2021 Ford Torino GT Cobra Price and Specs

2021 Ford Torino is surrounded by rumor and expectation about its great performance reliability. Based on the latest information, the release of this modern vehicle will take time in the near future. The previous version of this car is famous due to its impressive design and formidable engine specification. It should come as no surprise that the car is also used in most NASCAR races.

This series begin its production around 1968 and it has gone under serious facelift on the 1970 generation. After being silence for decades, the rumor of Ford brings it back starts to spread all over the internet. As it goes with other racing cars, muscular design is something fundamental on its design. The performance of its powertrain exceeds any other car of the same class and type.

The Layout of 2021 Ford Torino

The distinctive flagship models of Ford can be spotted from its exterior design. It is design with muscular layout without ignoring the aerodynamic aspect. Having aerodynamic curvature on exterior design is something that a racing car like 2021 Ford Torino should have. Despite having sharp curvature over its exterior layout, the car does not incudes bumper.

The radiator grill of this version has unique design with Ford logo spotted off center to the left. The material used for its exterior is made out of aluminum alloy in order to reduce its weight. The lightweight profile is not only supports its aerodynamic aspect, but also improves its performance at the same time. The headlamp features LED that gives futuristic impression from its exterior.

Despite 2021 Ford Torino is often used as racing car, the interior takes passenger comfort and safety seriously. The passenger seat upholstering uses premium grade leather to give extra comfort. It incorporates racing car design with strong strap seatbelt for safety features. Even though the owner does not use it for racing, it still able to give all comfort the owner needs.

Its minimalist dashboard design is mounted with numerous high technology features for passenger convenience. Basic features such as infotainment system, climate control, and audio can be found in the central command. Additional features including USB connectivity, global positioning system, and Bluetooth feature are also added as well. As it goes with luxurious car by Ford, it includes infotainment system with 8 inch of LCD screen.

2021 Ford Torino Engine Specs

The base engine used under the hood of 2021 Ford Torino is 5.0 liter of Ti-VCT V8 engine. The power output of this engine is up to 350 horsepower along with torque of 400 lb-ft. This engine allows the car to accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than four seconds. Due to its powerful powertrain configuration, the car is able to achieve maximum speed at 170 mph.

2021 Ford Torino for sale by owner

Both price and release date of this car is still a rumor since Ford does not give any official announcement yet. Most of its fans calculate that the price for the car is about $40,000. The end of 2017 is predicted release date of 2021 Ford Torino.

2021 Ford Torino is the type of car used in NASCAR race. Being a racing car, it is equipped with luxurious design and powerful engine specification.

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