2021 Ford Lightning Truck Price & Release Date

2021 Ford Lightning is rumored to make a comeback after long hiatus. The car is originally a high-version of the F150 that was released back in 1993. After some time, the car’s popularity seems to be placed far behind than the regular Ford F150. It has been pretty such a long time since the car made its last appearances on the public.

The newest Lightning is rumored to be back with all new design and updates on most of its parts. However, since the information regarding the release of the car is so little even there is no official statement from Ford, it is unclear whether the rumors can become reality.

2021 Ford Lightning Exterior and Interior Redesign

Since the information of the car is still rumors spreading around, the redesign is also in the uncertainty. The information regarding the redesign can only be inferred from those rumors. The body will most likely get new material like aluminum to reduce the total weight if the car. This is done because in the past, the weight of the car is become issues so Ford won’t hands-off responding the rumors. The 2021 Ford Lightning will also get new grille alongside the new design of the headlights and the fog lights. On the back side, there will be also new taillight.

The interior side will get total makeover. Most of the part will be using premium material like leather seats and upholstery. It will be also equipped with latest technology as found in other Ford’s cars. It will be including the 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, Ford+Alexa technology, Navigation and the safety system as well.

2021 Ford Lightning Engine Possibilities

In order for better driving experience and to compete in tight industry, the 2021 Ford Lightning needs new engine as the powertrain. Some says that the engine putted under the hood will be the same with the new Raptor. It is expected that the engine will be the 3.5-liter Eco Boost engine with power up to 365 Horse Power and 420 pounds-feet of torque.

The engine is rumored to have better fuel efficiency due to the Eco Boost technology on the engine. It will be paired with 10-speed automatic transmission just like the Raptor. There a big possibility also that the car will be using engine from the F150.

2021 Ford Lightning Price and Release

As the information about the release of the car is still rumors, the updates information about the release or the price can’t be inferred as well. It was once becoming the high-version of the F150 and has more expensive price. It is expected that the car will be lowering its target to be cheaper. There are possibilities that the 2021 Ford Lightning will remain the upper version of the car with price starting from $50.000.

2021 Ford Lightning Fuel Economy MPG Review

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